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As telecom carriers evolve, Carrier Evolution tracks the important developments in telecom and broadband which drive that evolution, including IP voice, unified communications, collaboration and consumer applications. Carrier Evolution offers original and curated content from external sources.

AT&T Nationwide LTE-M Internet of Things Network Completed

AT&T announced the completion of its nationwide LTE-M Internet of Things (IoT) network ahead of schedule, management announced last week. AT&T’s 4G LTE-M IoT network marks another step forward along AT&T’s path, leading to commercial introduction of next-generation 5G wireless/mobile technology and wide-scale roll-out of...Learn More

CEO: Great Plains Communications Sees International Opportunities

We were surprised to see Great Plains Communications exhibiting at International Telecoms Week in Chicago this week. The company operates a statewide Nebraska wholesale fiber network that also connects to several other cities in the central U.S., including Chicago, Denver, Des Moines, Kansas City, Minneapolis...Learn More

Sprint Targets Next Generation IoT Across Nationwide Network

Sprint announced an ambitious and far reaching plan to support next generation IoT devices across its nationwide network. Notably, Sprint is taking advantage of new LTE wireless broadband standards and technology in doing so. In a presentation given at IoT World 2017 in Santa Clara,...Learn More

Comcast SD-WAN Beta Marks Move into Fast Growing SD-WAN Market

An announced Comcast SD-WAN beta trial signals a continuing move into business and enterprise services by the largest U.S. cable MSO. Comcast claims to be the first major cable company to introduce a carrier-grade SD-WAN solution, which will target both mid-market and enterprise segments. Cable...Learn More

Windstream Wholesale Expands Reach in Deal with Switch

Windstream is now offering its wholesale, long-haul fiber network access via Switch Connect, a portfolio of networking and business management systems and services hosted at Switch data center campuses in Las Vegas and Tahoe-Reno, Nevada and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The deal with Switch expands the...Learn More

AT&T Offers AirGig Update, Reiterates Upcoming Trials for Fiber Fronthaul/Backhaul Alternative

AT&T AirGig millimeter wave broadband technology provides better propagation than traditional point-to-point wireless options because it uses wave guide technology, said Bill Hogg, president of technology operations at AT&T, today. Developed by AT&T, AirGig is designed to be deployed on the same pole infrastructure as...Learn More

CEO: Verizon Wireless Network Densification Will Drive Deployment of Largest Fiber Network Nationwide

Stakeholders know that because small cells will have shorter range, operators will need a dense fiber network to support them. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam yesterday offered a sense of just how dense that network will need to be. Verizon small cells and densification efforts are...Learn More

Digital Transformation: Is There a Business Model for Service Providers?

The latest buzz word to gain major traction in the broadband industry is digital transformation. Loosely defined, it’s the transition process that companies and their respective industries are undertaking to position themselves for relevancy and long term growth in a digital world. A world where...Learn More

AT&T and Oracle Deal Aims to Further AT&T SDN Goals

Oracle said today that it will provide a range of cloud services to AT&T to support the carrier’s internal operations. The deal should help further AT&T SDN goals, said AT&T executive Jon Donovan, a big believer in software defined networking. The AT&T and Oracle deal...Learn More

Windstream Fixed Wireless: Technology is Improving and Significance is Growing

Windstream reported quarterly financial results today and on a conference call with investors, company CEO Tony Thomas highlighted the growing importance of Windstream fixed wireless efforts. While fixed wireless is a relatively small contributor to revenue for the company today, Thomas sees it growing into...Learn More

Sprint All-Wireless Small Cell Improves Indoor/Outdoor Coverage, Will Aid with 5G

The Sprint Magic Box, announced today, is an indoor all-wireless small cell that uses the company’s cellular network for both the final link to the end user and for backhaul from the small cell to a traditional cell tower, a.k.a. microcell, where traffic is handed...Learn More

Telecom Data Center Divestiture Trend Continues with CenturyLink, Verizon Sales

The telecom data center divestiture trend continued this week with the news that both CenturyLink and Verizon had completely the sale of data center assets to entities specializing in the data center business. Verizon sold 29 data centers to Equinix, while CenturyLink sold its portfolio...Learn More

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