ABI: Verizon, AT&T 5G Efforts to Contribute to 2018 30% Growth in Fixed Wireless Broadband

The global fixed wireless broadband market will grow 30% in 2018 and will generate $18 billion in service revenue, according to a fixed wireless broadband forecast from ABI Research. As 5G fixed wireless broadband access is set to be launched in North America in 2018, it is set...Learn More

Dramatic Expansion of AT&T’s 5G Evolution Lays Groundwork for Real 5G

AT&T announced today an expansion of their 5G Evolution technology to an additional 117 markets across the U.S., bringing the total 5G Evolution markets to 141. The term 5G Evolution is more of a marketing term, since the underlying technology for it is really advanced...Learn More

5G Spectrum Auction Plans Come Into Focus with FCC 28 GHz & 24 GHz Proposals

The FCC today proposed to begin conducting an auction of spectrum in the 28 GHz band on November 14. A 24 GHz auction would commence as soon as the 28 GHz auction is completed. Both spectrum bands are considered well suited for fifth-generation 5G wireless...Learn More

AT&T Panel: ONAP, NIST, DHS, AI Cited as Resources for Managing New Cybersecurity Risks Related to 5G

With the advent of 5G will come new security issues, which in turn will raise new policy issues, explained a panel of 5G security policy experts on a webinar organized by AT&T yesterday. Participants in the webinar, titled “Promoting Standards and Security for Next-Generation 5G...Learn More

AT&T and Crown Castle Expand Strategic Relationship

AT&T and Crown Castle signed a new agreement simplifying and expanding their long-term leasing deal for wireless network infrastructure. Under the new agreement, leasing management and operations are streamlined to improve the efficiency and flexibility under which AT&T can deploy new technologies and increase network...Learn More

AT&T: Mobile 5G Trials Yield Gigabit Speeds in Millimeter Wave Bands

AT&T mobile 5G trials are achieving gigabit speeds, the carrier said in a blog post today. The speeds were achieved in trials in three cities using millimeter wave spectrum, the company said. “[W]e’re confident we have all the answers we need to deploy a mobile...Learn More

In Latest Mobile Broadband Speed Comparison, Verizon Comes Out on Top

The average mobile download speed for all carriers in the last quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of this year was 19.08 Mbps and the average upload speed was 11.92 Mbps, according to Wirefly. Researchers at Wirefly also found Verizon to be the fastest...Learn More

Major Wireless Carrier Chooses Zayo for Fiber-to-the-Tower

A major wireless carrier has selected Zayo for fiber-to-the-tower (FTT) to new macro towers in 30 markets across 21 states. The Zayo fiber-to-the-tower deal is an expansion of an agreement announced in September 2016. Inclusive of both contracts, Zayo will connect thousands of macro towers...Learn More

AT&T Outlines Core Network AI Strategy: Equivalent to Overhauling a Major Highway Without Stopping Traffic

AT&T carries 197 petabytes of data traffic every business day, according to a blog post from Chris Rice, the Senior Vice President of AT&T Labs, Domain 2.0 Architecture and Design. That means that transitioning to an AT&T software defined network is not just the better way...Learn More

Report: Rush to 5G Not Expected to Result in Significant Wireless Service Revenue Growth

Despite all of the attention given to the onset of 5G, the new technology won’t be result in a big boon to wireless service revenue, according to a new Strategy Analytics study about 5G revenue growth. The research firm’s Worldwide Cellular User Forecasts 2018-2023 report...Learn More

AT&T to Deploy 60,000 White Boxes to Support 5G Plans

AT&T said this week that it will deploy 60,000 white boxes over “the next several years” to support its 5G next-generation wireless plans. The AT&T white boxes will provide router functionality and support edge computing which will be critical to low-latency services, the company said....Learn More

Report: Ahead of 5G Push, LTE Market Share Hits 74% in North America with 353 Million Connections

LTE technology became the most widely used wireless cellular technology in the world in the fourth quarter of 2017, according to 5G Americas. Based on data from Ovum, LTE market share now exceeds 35% and the technology is providing 4G wireless access to services and...Learn More

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