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ABI: Meaningful Small Cell Deployments to Take Place in 2015

The U.S. market for small cell backhaul equipment will exceed $5 billion in 2019, “which aligns with operators’ deliberate approach to small cell deployments,” according to a forecast update from ABI Research. “These changes reflect real deployment scenarios and ABI Research believes 2015 will now...Learn More

IDC: Better Smartphones and Longer Lifecycles Conspire for Slowdown in Tablet Growth

A big slowdown in tablet growth is coming this year, as market growth slows to 7.2 percent, down sharply from 52.5 percent in 2013, according to a new forecast from IDC. At the core of the abrupt, sharp slowdown, shipments of Apple iPhones will experience...Learn More

Parks: Streaming Media Players Will Be Popular Electronic Gifts

Smart watches and connected consumer electronics (CE) entertainment devices, such as game consoles and streaming media devices, will be this holiday season’s most popular electronic gifts, according to new market research from Parks Associates. Surveying purchases of connected CE devices this year, Parks found that...Learn More

Flurry: Mobile Screen Time Overtakes TV Thanks to Apps

The time the average American consumer spent on mobile devices grew 9.3 percent over the past nine months – from 2 hours 42 minutes to 2 hours 57 minutes daily. That compares to an average 2 hours 48 minutes a day spent watching TV, according...Learn More

Mobidia: LTE Subscribers Consuming Twice as Much Cellular Data as 3G Subscribers

U.S. cellular, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi mobile data usage continued on an upward trend in 3Q as wireless device users continue to increase their use of mobile apps and media, according to a Mobidia Technology report. Data gathered from hundreds of thousands of wireless subscribers...Learn More

Smaller Wireless Carriers and Net Neutrality: No Title II, Please

Several smaller wireless network operators sent a letter to the FCC asking the commission not to classify broadband — at least not mobile broadband — as a telecommunications, or Title II, service and asking the commission not to apply the same Net Neutrality guidelines to...Learn More

AT&T vs. Verizon Video Strategy: How Important is Linear Video?

The nation’s two largest telecom service providers AT&T and Verizon have considerably different views on consumer video opportunities, as illustrated today by comments made by AT&T Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson and Verizon Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo at...Learn More

Frontier Gains Stadium Wi-Fi Win in North Carolina

With mobile data traffic skyrocketing, wireless users increasingly are seeking to switch to Wi-Fi in high-traffic areas – such as the Durham Bulls Athletic Park (DBAP), a baseball stadium in Durham. N.C. Installing, managing and maintaining that infrastructure is a great opportunity for network operators,...Learn More

ABI: Carrier Wi-Fi Equipment Revenue to Reach $8 Billion by 2019

Global Carrier Wi-Fi equipment revenue will grow to reach $8 billion by 2019 as wireless network operators roll out Hotspot 2.0 and next-generation Wi-Fi hotspots to provide mobile broadband Internet connectivity, according to a new report from ABI Research. More than 12 networks worldwide have...Learn More

iPad’s Tablet Traffic Share Measured at 80%

Apple iPad users were responsible for a whopping 79.9 percent of Web traffic from North America’s population of media tablets in September. That’s actually down from 81 percent a year ago, but 1.9 percentage points higher than this past July, according to online advertising network...Learn More

IDC: Internet of Things Base to Reach 30 Billion in 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely touted as having the potential to open vast new vistas of opportunity across economic sectors as devices and equipment used in power, manufacturing and industrial plants, the transportation sector and U.S. homes and retail businesses are enabled with...Learn More

Report: iPhone 6 Spurs VoLTE Growth

Voice calls over 3G from the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Apple smartphones have dropped sharply across U.S. mobile networks, according to according to Newfield Wireless, a Tektronix Communications company, a provider of mobile geoanalytics. With U.S. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users making...Learn More