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An Examination of Apparent Disappointing 600 MHz Auction Results

With the 600 MHz auction results expected soon, it’s becoming increasingly clear that those results are likely to be disappointing. More and more industry observers are predicting that prices will be considerably lower than many initially expected — and lower they were in the 2015...Learn More

Accenture: 5G Wireless Job Creation Could be 3 Million

Deployment of next-generation 5G wireless networks could add approximately $500 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) through direct and indirect benefits, according to a new report from Accenture. 5G wireless job creation could be as high as 3 million, Accenture said. 5G Wireless...Learn More

Straight Path to Return 5G Licenses to FCC in $100 Million Spectrum Squatting Settlement

Straight Path Communications has agreed to a spectrum squatting settlement with the FCC valued at more than $100 million. The company, which calls itself an “intangible asset monetization company,” specializes in “maximizing the value of assets such as microwave bandwidth licenses.” The settlement resolves an...Learn More

NCAA College Football Championship Fuels Dramatic AT&T Data Traffic Growth

Clemson won the 2017 NCAA College Football Playoff Championship in dramatic fashion Monday evening (Jan. 9) in a nail biting rematch that saw underdog Clemson drive down the field against number 1 ranked Alabama’s staunch defense for the winning score in the game’s waning minutes....Learn More

Illinois CLEC/ILEC Transitions to New IPTV Middleware Vendor

January 5, 2017 — Grafton/Jerseyville IL – Citing their existing relationship and a need to stay ahead of their competitors with new features, Grafton Technologies has switched their IPTV middleware to the Innovative Systems APMAX solution. Kevin Hamilton VP of Technology for Grafton Technologies, the...Learn More

T-Mobile KickBack Offers up to a $10 Monthly Bill Credit on Unused Data

The T-Mobile marketing machine spewed out its latest new offers yesterday – including T-Mobile KickBack, which offers customers a credit on their phone bill of up to $10 a month per line if they used 2 gigabytes (GB) of data or less in the previous...Learn More

Verizon AOL Strategy Aims to Exploit $90 Billion Advertising Market Opportunity

A key initiative in 2017 for an evolving Verizon AOL strategy is to more tightly integrate Verizon/ AOL marketing initiatives, said Marni Walden, Verizon president of product innovation and new businesses, at a financial conference today. Moves that the carrier already has made in that...Learn More

Ford Enlists AT&T for Connected Car Wi-Fi Hotspots

A partnership between Ford and AT&T has yielded connected car Wi-Fi hotspots. Beginning this fall, Ford will be offering LTE Wi-Fi hotspots on select 2018 models equipped with Ford SYNC Connect touch and voice-activated communications control technology. Connecting to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, SYNC Connect...Learn More

Accenture: Artificial Intelligence Will Drive Smartphone Sales Increase

Accenture is expecting a smartphone sales increase in 2017, marking a rebound after reaching a three-year low in 2016. Lower prices, improved security, new features and overall performance improvements, along with product refresh cycles will boost 2017 smartphone sales, Accenture found after surveying 26,000 consumers in...Learn More

AT&T 5G Trials with Qualcomm, Ericsson Aim to Take Leadership with 5G Standards

Upcoming AT&T 5G trials with Qualcomm and Ericsson will focus on emerging 5G new radio (NR) specifications, with the goal of accelerating millimeter wave (mmWave) deployments. Emerging 5G NR specifications are a project of global standards group 3GPP. These AT&T 5G trials will focus on...Learn More

Canada Broadband Universal Service: 50 Mbps Speed Target, Up to $750 Million New Funding

Canadian regulators have declared broadband a universal service and have set an ambitious target speed of 50 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream. The Canada broadband universal service plans call for transitioning an existing $100 million annual voice-focused fund to broadband and making additional funding...Learn More

AT&T Call Protect Offers Free Fraud Blocking

Carriers may be motivated to shift mobile voice traffic to their LTE networks primarily to save costs, but as news today about a new AT&T capability called Call Protect illustrates, that move also can enable new capabilities for end users. AT&T Call Protect is a...Learn More