Moss Adams’ CHR Acquisition Consolidates Tier 3 Telecom Suppliers

Moss Adams LLP’s plan to acquire the regulatory compliance and financial consulting portion of CHR Solutions, announced yesterday, will bring together two key suppliers with a strong focus on the Tier 3 telecom market. Moss Adams is one of the largest accounting and business consulting...Learn More

Comptel Rural Call Completion Reporting Protest Could Delay Implementation

The FCC has underestimated what it will cost communications service providers to comply with rural call completion reporting requirements, says Comptel. “The FCC has failed to provide any, much less specific and objective, support for its estimate of the burden of complying with the new...Learn More

Report Finds Jump in Electronic Health Record Awareness

Digitization of medical records and histories and making them accessible via the Internet is viewed as a means of enhancing health and medical care, as well as cutting costs – if carried out judiciously and with personal privacy and data security foremost in mind. As...Learn More

FCC: Connect America Fund Broadband Speed Target Raised to 10 Mbps

Price cap carriers receiving money in Phase 2 of the Connect America Fund will have to deploy broadband at speeds of at least 10 Mbps downstream  and 1 Mbps upstream to areas of their local service territories where broadband is not available today. The new...Learn More

FCC Rural Broadband Experiment Winners Include ILECs, WISPs, Others

The Federal Communications Commission has provisionally chosen nearly 40 entities to receive funding in the commission’s rural broadband experiment initiative. Among those chosen are 14 wireless ISPs, seven local telephone companies, four power companies and two cable companies. Other winners include competitive carriers that use...Learn More

Consolidated Enlists Equinox for Rural Call Completion

Nashville, TN December 3, 2014 — Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems announces that Consolidated Communications (NASDAQ:CNSL) (CCI), a premier communications services provider, has expanded their license for the TeleLink usage analytics solution to include the Rural Call Completion Reporting module to comply with the FCC Rural...Learn More

TDM-to-IP Transition: Does Copper Deterioration Equal Copper Retirement?

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking input on whether it should require telecom service providers retiring traditional copper phone wiring to provide and monitor batteries providing backup power to customer premises equipment. Additionally the commission is considering whether a service provider that lets its copper...Learn More

TDM-to-IP Transition: FCC Considers “Facilitating” Sale of Retired Copper

The FCC is considering putting policies in place to “facilitate” the sale or auction of copper infrastructure that telephone service providers plan to retire as part of the TDM-to-IP transition, FCC officials said today. Additionally the commission is considering policies aimed at ensuring consumers have...Learn More

Smaller Wireless Carriers and Net Neutrality: No Title II, Please

Several smaller wireless network operators sent a letter to the FCC asking the commission not to classify broadband — at least not mobile broadband — as a telecommunications, or Title II, service and asking the commission not to apply the same Net Neutrality guidelines to...Learn More

FCC Modifies Plans for Rural Call Completion Reporting

The FCC’s plan to collect data about rural call completion, adopted a year ago, is now one step closer to implementation. The commission on November 4 adopted an order on reconsideration that makes one key change to its data collection plan.  Long-distance carriers will not...Learn More

CenturyLink TDM-to-IP Transition Trial Would Include SIP Interconnection

CenturyLink has asked the FCC to allow it to conduct a TDM-to-IP transition trial in Las Vegas that would focus on VoIP interconnection and on the replacement of TDM-based business services with IP-based alternatives. The company has lined up two VoIP providers – Bandwidth and...Learn More

FCC: Rural Broadband Experiment Funding to Be Awarded in “Coming Weeks”

The FCC said today that it will make decisions about which network operators will participate in rural broadband experiments in “the coming weeks.” The commission said it received proposals for almost 600 projects from 181 applicants. The program, which will award a total of $100...Learn More