TDM-to-IP Transition: FCC Considers “Facilitating” Sale of Retired Copper

The FCC is considering putting policies in place to “facilitate” the sale or auction of copper infrastructure that telephone service providers plan to retire as part of the TDM-to-IP transitions, FCC officials said today. Additionally the commission is considering policies aimed at ensuring consumers have...Learn More

Smaller Wireless Carriers and Net Neutrality: No Title II, Please

Several smaller wireless network operators sent a letter to the FCC asking the commission not to classify broadband — at least not mobile broadband — as a telecommunications, or Title II, service and asking the commission not to apply the same Net Neutrality guidelines to...Learn More

FCC Modifies Plans for Rural Call Completion Reporting

The FCC’s plan to collect data about rural call completion, adopted a year ago, is now one step closer to implementation. The commission on November 4 adopted an order on reconsideration that makes one key change to its data collection plan.  Long-distance carriers will not...Learn More

CenturyLink TDM-to-IP Transition Trial Would Include SIP Interconnection

CenturyLink has asked the FCC to allow it to conduct a TDM-to-IP transition trial in Las Vegas that would focus on VoIP interconnection and on the replacement of TDM-based business services with IP-based alternatives. The company has lined up two VoIP providers – Bandwidth and...Learn More

FCC: Rural Broadband Experiment Funding to Be Awarded in “Coming Weeks”

The FCC said today that it will make decisions about which network operators will participate in rural broadband experiments in “the coming weeks.” The commission said it received proposals for almost 600 projects from 181 applicants. The program, which will award a total of $100...Learn More

CEO: AT&T Gigabit Plans are on “Pause” Thanks to Obama’s Net Neutrality Proposal

AT&T wasted no time raising the stakes on the Net Neutrality issue. Just two days after President Obama asked the FCC to reclassify end-to-end broadband as a telecommunications service, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said the company is “pausing” its plans to deploy gigabit fiber-to-the-home in...Learn More

Net Neutrality and Title II: Obama’s Proposal

President Obama weighed in today on the Net Neutrality/ Open Internet issue, asking the FCC to classify broadband as a Title II or telecommunications service. “The time has come for the FCC to recognize that broadband service is of the same importance and must carry...Learn More

What Cogent Traffic Management Revelations Mean for Net Neutrality Proposal

While the FCC ponders whether to give itself tighter control over the connections that Internet providers offer to websites, a kerfuffle involving Cogent Communications this week raises more questions about what the FCC might be taking on. Cogent VP of IP Engineering Hank Kilmer reportedly...Learn More

Report: Reasons for Keeping Landline Phone Include Reliability, Connection Quality

Telephone cord cutting has been an important trend in recent years, but most Americans still have a landline phone at home – and those with landline phones keep them because of their reliability, their connection quality or other reasons, according to a study released today...Learn More

Fitch: AWS Auction Could Raise Up to $18 Billion

November 05, 2014 — NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Acquiring scarce spectrum resources is an important strategic key for many wireless operators and the upcoming advanced wireless services-3 (AWS-3) auction scheduled for Nov. 13, 2014 will allow for gains that could help bolster long-term strategy, according to Fitch...Learn More

CAF Target Speed: CWA Union Wants 10 Mbps

Perhaps unsurprisingly the Communications Workers of America union would like to see the FCC raise the target speed for the Connect America Fund to 10 Mbps from its current 4 Mbps – a move the commission has been considering for several months. That program aims...Learn More

USTelecom Wants FCC Special Access Price Data Collected to Include Two Years

USTelecom, the association representing larger and smaller U.S. telcos, is asking the FCC to collect more information about special access pricing. Although the request at first might seem off-the-wall (what telco wants to report more data?), there are some extenuating circumstances here. At issue is...Learn More