Massachusetts Dispute Illustrates Challenges of Reaching Underserved Broadband Areas

A dispute in Massachusetts illustrates the challenges that decision makers face in determining the best option for bringing service to underserved broadband areas. In this case decision makers must weigh a range of factors in determining whether Comcast or competitive network operator Matrix Design Group...Learn More

Verizon, Incompas Business Data Services Filing Reveals Wide Rift with AT&T, Other ILECs

Updated later on June 28 with new information from USTelecom Some stakeholders may have been surprised several weeks ago when Verizon acted independently of AT&T and other major telecom providers with regard to business data services, instead making a joint filing with competitive carrier association...Learn More

Wheeler Wants 200-MHz or Wider Blocks for 5G Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding

The FCC will vote in mid-July on a 5G Spectrum Frontiers proceeding aimed at opening up huge amounts of spectrum for fifth-generation wireless services, said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler today. “If the Commission approves my proposal next month, the United Sates will be the first...Learn More

Carriers Seek Reversal of Business Data Services Regulation, Citing Flawed Analysis

Six of the nation’s largest telecom service providers are seeking big changes to the current plans for FCC business data services regulation. At issue is the huge volume of data on which the FCC based its plans and which the carriers says is “irretrievably flawed.”...Learn More

Net Neutrality Upheld, Broadband Providers Vow Further Action

With the FCC’s 2015 decision on Net Neutrality upheld by an appeals court today, organizations representing many of the nation’s broadband providers were quick to voice their displeasure. Several suggested that they might pursue further legal action. In imposing the Net Neutrality rules aimed at...Learn More

Opposition to Charter Overbuild Requirements: ACA and NTCA Weigh In

The American Cable Association and NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association this week filed petitions in opposition to Charter overbuild requirements imposed by the FCC as a condition of Charter’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Both organizations represent smaller, rural operators....Learn More

With New LOC Rules in Place, FCC Rural Broadband Experiment Funding Moves Ahead

In what could signal the beginning of the end of the FCC Rural Broadband Experiment (RBE) funding logjam, the commission on Friday said it was ready to authorize RBE support for six RBE projects in two states. The funding, which totals over $4 million, will...Learn More

VTEL Broadband Dispute: Is Vermont Funding an Overbuilder?

Could ongoing controversy in Vermont involving network operator VTEL be a precursor of controversies to come involving broadband funding for unserved areas? Local media outlet VTDigger reports that the state of Vermont will allow network operators to collect public funding to deploy broadband to areas...Learn More

DISH Makes Wireless Spectrum Moves

June 01, 2016  — ENGLEWOOD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) filed a letter with the FCC electing to use 20 MHz of AWS-4 uplink spectrum (2000-2020 MHz) for downlink operations, resulting in all 40 MHz of DISH’s AWS-4 spectrum being designated for downlink...Learn More

CAF Auction and Satellite Broadband: ViaSat Expects to Meet Latency Requirements

Satellite broadband provider ViaSat on Friday issued a press release suggesting the company envisions participating in the upcoming Connect America Fund auction – and not just in the portion of the Connect America Fund targeting extremely high-cost areas as some stakeholders initially envisioned. The CAF...Learn More

NTCA: Average Rural Telecom Provider Paperwork Consumes 587 Hours Yearly

Average rural telecom provider paperwork required by regulators consumes 587 hours per year – more than 73 workdays – including completing reports and responding to requests for information, according to a survey conducted by NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association and the Small Company Coalition...Learn More

ACA: 200 Small Video Providers Could Shut Down Due to New FCC STB Requirements

The American Cable Association has joined the opposition to new proposed FCC STB requirements introduced earlier this year, arguing the proposal could force more than 200 of the 700 small U.S. cable companies out of the video business. The FCC proposal would require cable companies...Learn More