Small AWS-3 License Winners Include Lots of Big Carriers

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Dish Network were the big winners in the AWS-3 auction that closed this week, winning licenses not only for larger “economic areas” but also being among the largest winners of smaller “cellular market area” licenses. The CMA licenses were awarded in...Learn More

Trial to Study TV White Spaces for Disaster Planning

Gigabit Libraries Network and Chief Officers of State Library Agencies plan to explore the use of portable TV white spaces broadband equipment in community disaster planning. “The reality is that after a catastrophic event, the public communications infrastructure WILL be down for 2 – 5...Learn More

Changes to RUS Broadband Loan Program Include Rural Gigabit Pilot

When President Obama spoke last week about reforms to the USDA Rural Utilities Service broadband loan program, he was referencing changes adopted in the 2014 Farm Bill, a USDA official advised in an email to Telecompetitor. Although the changes have received little publicity, they include...Learn More

Anti-Muni Network Groups Respond to Obama’s Advocacy

President Obama’s recent comments advocating municipal broadband networks have drawn a variety of rebuttals from groups such as the Phoenix Center, TechFreedom and Media Freedom. The Phoenix Center sums up the core argument in a white paper critiquing FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s praise for the...Learn More

New NY Broadband Program Offers $500 Million for 100 Mbps Broadband

The state of New York has launched what it says is the largest state investment in broadband deployment in the U.S. The initiative, to be known as New NY Broadband Program, will make $500 million available to network operators to bring broadband to unserved and...Learn More

Report Finds Strong Link Between Broadband and Population Growth

U.S. counties lacking high-speed broadband have lower population growth and are more likely to see population decline than counties where high-speed broadband is available, according to new research conducted by Broadband Communities Magazine. Counties with the highest broadband availability levels are seeing the greatest population...Learn More

C Spire Announces Fifth Gigabit City

January 20, 2015 — CLINTON, Miss.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clinton, long considered a small town Southern gem, may soon become famous for having faster Internet speeds than some of the largest cities in the world. The Hinds County town in central Mississippi qualified its first three areas earlier...Learn More

Ting Maryland Gigabit Deal Will Leverage Community’s Dark Fiber

Ting Fiber is wasting no time pursuing its gigabit ambitions. Just one month after emerging on the scene with plans for Charlottesville, Virginia, the company has announced plans for a second gigabit market – Westminster, Maryland. According to a blog post from Ting’s vice president...Learn More

OneWeb Satellite Project Aims to Bring Broadband to Rural Areas

Qualcomm and The Virgin Group yesterday announced plans for an ambitious satellite project aimed at bringing broadband service to remote rural areas around the world that cannot get service today. The companies are pursuing the project through a joint venture to be known as OneWeb....Learn More

Obama Broadband Plans Include USDA Loan Program Revamp, Community Broadband Support

Updated later January 14 The White House said yesterday that President Obama will announce a range of broadband initiatives – including a plan to revamp the USDA’s broadband loan program — in a speech in Cedar Falls, Iowa this afternoon. Among other things, Obama also...Learn More

Wilkes Communications/ TDS Deal: Wilkes CEO Has Gigabit Plans

TDS Telecom plans to join its bigger telecom brethren in selling off rural lines – in this case about 3,000 lines in three North Carolina communities representing TDS’s entire North Carolina telecom holdings. But unlike with previous deals such as Frontier’s purchases of AT&T and...Learn More

$25,000 Per Member? Uncommon Sale Reveals Potential Telecom Cooperative Value

Telecom cooperatives are rarely sold. But the sale of Wyoming-based cooperative Tri-County Telephone Association, which closed December 31, is an exception to the rule. The new owner is BHT Holdings, a company owned primarily by Neil Schlenker, a local resident and member of the cooperative....Learn More