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Report: Macrocell Spending Drops 11% From Last Year

Mobile data traffic volumes continue their seemingly inexorable rise, but 3Q’16 spending on mobile infrastructure dropped 11 percent from its 3Q’15 level and 2016 is just about set to be the first year macrocell spending will decline, according to the latest market research from IHS...Learn More

Cellular Network Traffic Forecast: Avg Smartphone Data Usage will Reach 5GB/month

Telecom and Internet service providers should be preparing for another sharp rise in mobile network traffic. More specifically, the annual volume of cell phone data traffic will reach 129,000 petabytes by 2018, according to a cellular network traffic report from Juniper Research released Dec. 6....Learn More

Worldwide High 360 Million North American LTE Connections

Global 4G LTE connections soared 81% year-over-year (YoY) in 3Q 2016, according to data from 5G Americas released last week. North American LTE connections reached 360 million, researchers said. 4G LTE penetration and mobile wireless market share were highest in North America (U.S. and Canada)...Learn More

Flurry: Communitainment Fuels 38.5 Percent Rise in Mobile App Usage

The average amount of time U.S. mobile device users spend engaged with mobile app content rose another 38.5 percent between 2015 and 2016, according to Yahoo’s Flurry market research unit. That follows a 108 percent increase between 2014 and 2015. Researchers attribute this rise, in...Learn More

FCC Measures U.S. Median Broadband Speed at 39 Mbps

The U.S. median broadband speed was 39 Mbps downstream as of September 2015, according to FCC data released yesterday – up 22% from the previous year. The results were published in the FCC’s latest “Measuring Broadband America” report. Issued since 2011, that report initially focused...Learn More

IDC: Tablet Shipments Will Rebound Thanks to Detachables

In just a short span of time, tablets have gone from a computing/communications device and consumer electronics growth leader to an als0-ran. Growth will pick up again, but not until 2018 and then top out in single-digit rates, according to the latest from the IDC...Learn More

J.D. Power: Wireless Router Satisfaction Rises

Manufacturers’ efforts to improve the performance of wireless routers and make them easier to use appear to be successful, according to new market research about wireless router satisfaction from J.D. Power. Wireless router customer satisfaction rose across all 10 factors – a total 24 index...Learn More

IDC: Smartphone Shipment Growth to Slow Sharply, Total 1.45 Billion in 2016

Global smartphone shipment growth will be just 0.6% year-over-year (YoY) in 2016 to total 1.45 billion units, according to the latest from IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. That’s down sharply from 10.4% YoY growth exhibited in 2015. Growth in developed markets, including the U.S.,...Learn More

Report: U.S. High-Tech Jobs Average 30K per Congressional District

The high-tech economy plays an important role in every U.S. Congressional district, including providing an average of nearly 30,000 jobs per congressional district, according to new research about U.S. high-tech jobs from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. “The U.S. economy is extremely diverse, and...Learn More

Mobile Broadband Forum: 4.5G WTTH Helping Accelerate Next Generation Fixed Wireless

Growing fixed wireless momentum across the globe is leading to the concept of wireless-to-the-home (WTTH), promising fiber like speeds that are increasingly seen as lower cost alternative option for traditional wireline fixed broadband service. WTTH was on full display last week with particular emphasis on...Learn More

Nielsen Studies WiFi Vs. Cellular Usage Patterns

Paying monthly mobile overage charges is becoming increasingly burdensome for consumers as they continue to consume more in the way of mobile video and other forms of data-hungry content. Six point six percent of mobile Android consumers were billed for overage charges in 2Q 2016,...Learn More

Digital Media Player Survey: 58% Watch Regular TV As Well

A shift in factors motivating viewers to buy digital media players is under way, according to a new digital media player survey from GfK. Rather than considering them as the means to ¨cut the cord¨ on traditional cable, DBS and telco pay-TV services, viewers are...Learn More