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ABI: Mobile Accessory Revenues Forecast to Hit $110 Billion by 2021

The secondary, or aftermarket, for mobile accessories will grow to exceed $110 billion in 2021, according to a mobile accessory revenues forecast from ABI Research. Aftermarket purchase/sales of Bluetooth smartphone headsets will grow fastest, rising at a 9% CAGR from 2016-2020, ABI highlights in an...Learn More

Report: Millennial Smartphone Use, 73% Would Give Up Cable TV Before Smartphone

Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are expected to account for 75% of the global workforce by 2025 and millennial smartphone use is of particular interest. Their craving for ubiquitous, ¨always on¨ high-speed network connectivity, along with their usage habits and preferences, has profound...Learn More

Report: Healthcare IoT Revenues to Reach $410 Billion by 2022

Growing use of connected medical devices, smartphones and software automation will fuel revenue growth in the global market for healthcare IoT technology, according to new market research from Grand View Research. Global healthcare IoT revenues will reach $410 billion by 2022, the market research company...Learn More

U.S. Wireless Trends: 4 Million Messages Per Minute, 2.8 Trillion Minutes of Use

Americans consumed more than twice the amount of data in 2015 than they did the year before and three times that of 2013, according to survey data from CTIA on U.S. wireless trends. Network data consumption totaled 9.6 trillion megabytes (MB) last year, up from...Learn More

IDC: Business Analytics and Big Data Spending to Reach $187 Billion by 2019

Business analytics and Big Data spending will increase more than 50% from 2015-2019, according to IDC’s latest ¨Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide.¨IDC’s forecast calls for corporate and enterprise business analytics and Big Data spending to rise from $122 billion to more than...Learn More

Survey: Netflix Popularity Twice That Of TV Among OTT Users

Streaming TV shows via Netflix is more popular than traditional ¨live¨ TV watching, at least among those who have been ¨exposed¨ to streaming via the Internet according to a new national Netflix popularity survey conducted by E-Poll Market Research. Survey respondents preferred streaming TV shows...Learn More

Survey: 20% of Video Streamers Intend to Cancel Pay TV

A new study conducted by TDG (The Diffusion Group) for CSG Systems International reveals that 20% of video streamers intend to cancel pay TV. The results highlight OTT streaming video’s expanding incursion into pay-TV providers’ traditional market domain and the impacts of video streaming on...Learn More

SDN, NFV Revenue Forecast to Reach $8.7 Billion by 2020

IHS Technology has issued a bullish SDN and NFV revenue forecast. According to the forecast, the global market for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) among service providers will soar from $289 million in 2015 to $8.7 billion in 2020. That’s a 98%...Learn More

NTIA: Online Security, Privacy Fears Beginning to Impact Online Behavior

Americans’ trust in online security and personal privacy is on the wane, and its beginning to impact online behavior. Rising prominence of data breaches, cybersecurity incidents and controversies regarding the privacy of online services is prompting some to limit their online activities, according to the...Learn More

Research: Telecom SMB Cloud Growth Should Be Stronger

U.S. and U.K. telecom providers are dropping the ball when it comes to cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) opportunities among SMB customers, according to a new market analysis from cloud services marketplace provider BCSG. The researchers argue that telecom SMB cloud growth should be stronger, contrasting telcos’...Learn More

OTT Sports Subscribership: 16% of Broadband Households, Parks Says

OTT sports subscribership has risen to 16% of U.S. broadband households, according to new market research from Parks Associates. NFL Game Pass was the most popular OTT video sports subscription at 6%, though it doesn’t stream live games, Parks highlights in a press release. WWE...Learn More

Telecom IPX is Hot Topic at International Telecoms Week

Telecom IPX is a hot topic, as the results of a survey presented at International Telecoms Week in Chicago yesterday revealed. In a survey of global telecom wholesalers conducted by Capacity Media, 69% cited IP exchange (IPX) as a game changing technology that was on their company’s...Learn More