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Report: Multi-Screen TV Viewing Far Exceeds OTT Video Viewing

Americans spend an average 175 hours per month engaged with a combination of multi-screen TV, four major Internet portals, YouTube and Facebook – 35 hours/month more than they spend working, according to recent Nielsen and comScore market research findings. Eighty percent of that time is...Learn More

Mobile Broadband Demand May Lead to Small Cell Central Offices

Wireless network operator deployments of small cells will bring major changes to the way the operators architect their networks, said Iain Gillott, president of wireless research firm iGR this week. Gillott made his comments at Technology Futures Inc.’s Communications Technology and Asset Valuation Conference in...Learn More

Report: Top Ten Telecom Social Media Engagers Lead Underperforming Industry

Social media has rapidly earned a place among the roster of tools companies use to engage customers and enhance affinity and loyalty to brands and their businesses. Telecom companies in the U.S. and Canada fall short when it comes to putting social media to good use,...Learn More

ABI: Enterprise Market to Fuel Smart Glasses Sales Growth of 150 Percent

Consumer adoption has garnered the lion’s share of attention when it comes to growth prospects for smart glasses. Yet it’s the enterprise and public sectors that will fuel strong growth and uptake of smart glasses this year, according to the latest market research report from...Learn More

NPD: Streaming Media Player Penetration to Hit 40% of U.S. Internet Homes by 2017

No less than 40 percent of U.S. Internet homes – a total 39 million – will have a streaming media player come 1Q 2017, according to a new forecast from NPD Group. Just 16 percent had one as of 1Q 2014. Taking into account purchases...Learn More

Self-Driving Car Study: Using Mobile Devices Tops Wish List

Self-driving cars could free drivers from the burden of navigation, enabling them to engage in other activities while driving. Market research from Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering – a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology – determined the top 10 activities U.S. consumers say they...Learn More

Public Wi-Fi and Minorities: Study Finds Strong Benefits

African-Americans and Latinos are more likely to use public Wi-Fi networks and use them more often. Furthermore, they report more in the way of positive impacts from public Wi-Fi use than their Caucasian counterparts, according to a new study from WifiForward conducted by the GfK...Learn More

TDG: OTT TV Sports Viewing to Skyrocket

Amateur or professional, coverage of live sports continues to be a staple for television broadcasters and a defining part of the television experience, TDG (The Diffusion Group) points out with the release of new market research. Adult broadband users spend no less than 20 percent...Learn More

Older Adults and Technology Use Survey: 56% Need Help

Surveying 100 people from a member base comprised predominantly of those 55 and older, technology support company iTOK found that well over half (56 percent) needed help learning how to use the new consumer information and communications (ICT) devices they received as gifts this past...Learn More

Government Cloud User Survey: 75% Want More Migration

Several factors are constraining cloud adoption in government IT — control over data prominent among them, according to a study from public-private partnership MeriTalk underwritten by Cisco and Red Hat. Seventy-five percent of cloud users across the federal government would like to move more services...Learn More

Report Finds Strong Link Between Broadband and Population Growth

U.S. counties lacking high-speed broadband have lower population growth and are more likely to see population decline than counties where high-speed broadband is available, according to new research conducted by Broadband Communities Magazine. Counties with the highest broadband availability levels are seeing the greatest population...Learn More

Study: Poor Cell Coverage at Work May Impact Wireless Churn Rates

Cellular coverage and reception at work is as important to mobile service customers as coverage at home: up to 74 percent of participants in a study conducted by YouGov and commissioned by SpiderCloud Wireless indicated a willingness “to switch mobile operators to get better coverage...Learn More