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IDC: Worldwide IT Spending to Exceed $2.7 Trillion by 2020

Worldwide IT spending will increase at revised 3.3% CAGR from 2015-2020, rising from $2.4 trillion this year to more than $2.7 trillion, according to a revised forecast from IDC released Aug. 29. The largest corporations in global industry sectors including manufacturing and telecommunications will fuel...Learn More

Wireless Network Quality Study Reveals Need for Ongoing Investment in Urban Areas

Urban areas with high densities of young, heavy network users continue to pose challenges for wireless services providers, according to the second semi-annual installment of the J.D. Power 2016 Wireless Network Quality Performance Study. Released Aug. 25, the results indicate wireless carriers need to continue...Learn More

Digital Voice Activated Assistants Forecast to be in Over 2 Percent of U.S. Households This Year

More than 2 percent of U.S. households – estimated at more than 2.8 million – will own a voice-activated digital assistant by the end of the year, according to a digital voice activated assistants forecast from Strategy Analytics. The market research and consulting company forecasts...Learn More

5G Mobile Forecast Calls for Handset Sales to Exceed 300 Million by 2025

Much work remains to be done in order to meet the need for a common 5G wireless broadband industry standard that satisfies the diverse needs of market participants, according to Strategy Analytics’ ¨5G Progress Review – Fragmentation Likely but Diversification Possible.¨ The market research provider’s...Learn More

J.D. Power Finds Cord Stackers More Satisfied with Streaming Video Services

Pay-TV customers who ¨stack¨ a streaming video service on top of their traditional cable or satellite subscriptions are more satisfied overall, according to new market research from J.D. Power. While cord stackers were the most satisfied, overall satisfaction was lowest among ¨cord cutters.¨ The inaugural...Learn More

LTE-A Deployment Survey: 84% of Service Providers Have Made the Move

More than 8 in 10 network service providers are running advanced LTE networks based on LTE-A, according to an LTE-A deployment survey from IHS Markit. Eighty-four percent of service provider respondents said they were already running LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) networks, well above about the 50 percent...Learn More

Android Market Share Regains Stride as Consumers Await Introduction of New Smartphones

Smartphone sales rose in emerging market regions worldwide in 2Q 2016, helping increase Android market share and lifting global sales 4.3 percent as compared to 2Q 2015, according to Gartner’s latest market data. A total of 344 million smartphones were shipped worldwide in 2Q. 2Q...Learn More

TDG: Use of New Social-Mobile Video Poised for Massive Growth

The confluence of smartphone penetration and social media is fueling Social-Mobile video (SoMo) consumption, a new market segment that market researcher firm The Diffusion Group (TDG) expects will grow rapidly in coming years. Consumers now spend an average of more than 50 hours per week...Learn More

LRG Data: Telco Broadband Losses Accelerate, More Than Double

According to research from Leichtman Research Group (LRG), major telco broadband losses are accelerating, more than doubling from a year ago. Collectively, major tier 1 and 2 telcos lost 360K broadband subscribers in 2Q16, compared with 150K in 2Q15. Compare that with major cable broadband...Learn More

IDC: Augmented and Virtual Reality Market Growth Set to Explode

IDC sees augmented and virtual reality market growth (AR/VR) expanding enormously out to 2020. According to the IDC Worldwide Semiannual Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide, global AR/VR revenues will grow at a 181.3 percent CAGR from 2015-2020 as revenues increase from $5.2 billion this...Learn More

LRG: Pay-TV Subscriber Losses Added Up to a Net 665,000 in 2Q16

U.S. pay-TV subscriber losses continued to add up in 2Q 2016, some 120,000 more than they did in 2015’s second quarter, according to the latest market data from Leichtman Research Group (LRG). Accounting for some 95 percent of the market, the 11 largest U.S. pay-TV...Learn More

Report: North America Dominates Global Gigabit Deployments

A new visual online database of global gigabit deployments illustrates just how fast the number of gigabit Internet initiatives in the U.S. and worldwide has grown in recent years. A new Global Gigabit Monitor launched today reveals that more than 500 gigabit Internet projects are...Learn More