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Cyber Attack Survey Finds 36% Perceive Attacker on Network Now or in Past 12 Months

The IT industry is making progress when it comes to securing information and communications systems from cyber attacks, but practices in several critical areas, such as privileged account security, third-party vendor access and cloud platforms are undermining them, according to a new global cyber attack...Learn More

RootMetrics: AT&T, Verizon Offer Best Airport Wireless Service

Which carrier offers the best airport wireless service? According to the latest Root Metrics data, AT&T and Verizon Wireless took top honors at two of the five busiest airports out of 50 studied – Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson and Chicago’s O’Hare. Verizon won outright at LAX in...Learn More

Average Residential Broadband Costs by Country: U.S. Ranks 13th

The U.S. ranked thirteenth  in a new study of residential broadband costs by country. The study was conducted by Internet and telecommunications market research specialist Point Topic. Researchers analyzed more than 5,000 fixed broadband tariff rate schedules spanning more than 300 operators in 94 countries....Learn More

Report: Millennial Video Preference for OTT Driven by Availability, Cost, and Experience

Why subscribe to a traditional pay-TV service when you can watch all the movies and shows you care to on demand by signing up for cheaper OTT subscription streaming services? That’s increasingly the point of view being taken by young adults (20-25), the single largest...Learn More

Contact Center Satisfaction Negatively Impacting the Customer Experience

Contact center satisfaction has worsened over the last two years despite investments in new customer engagement channels, according to new market research released by BoldChat. Furthermore, there’s a wide, global gap in perceptions of customer service quality between contact center managers and customers, according to...Learn More

Survey Finds Strong Interest in Citizen Engagement Technology

A new study found strong interest in citizen engagement technology on the part of government respondents. Enhancing the capacity of citizen contact centers by making use of multi-modal cloud services applications and information systems is a focal point for many of the 129 U.S. government...Learn More

T-Mobile Binge On May Have Found a Mobile Video Sweet Spot

T-Mobile Binge On mobile streaming service is proving to be very popular with early-adopter smartphone users. Effectively all (99%) who opted in to Strategy Analytics’ AppOptix USA market research platform said they were satisfied with the quality of videos delivered. With Binge On, T-Mobile is...Learn More

Skinny Bundle Research Quantifies Upside, Downside for Pay-TV Providers

Pay-TV providers contemplating the prospect of offering “skinny bundles” of fewer TV channels face a difficult balancing act, according to skinny bundle research from Altman Vilandrie & Co. So-called ¨skinny bundles¨ composed of channels selected specifically to meet the viewing preferences of specific subscriber groups...Learn More

Robocalling Trends: All-Time High Set in August, with 986 Calls Per Second

Nearly 1,000 robocalls (986) were placed every second in the U.S. in August, an all-time high, according to the latest YouMail robocalling trends research. What the YouMail Robocall Index deems a robocalling epidemic continues to expand, increasing 9.3% since July alone. YouMail began tracking robocalls...Learn More

M2M Traffic Forecast: Cars to Generate 95% Through 2021

Growing demand for mobile data from new, in-vehicle entertainment services such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will generate lots of new cellular M2M data traffic, according to a new M2M traffic forecast from Juniper Research. In fact, in-vehicle entertainment services will account for as...Learn More

Virtual Reality Forecast: 8% of Millennials Plan to Buy Headsets This Year

Young adult Millennials have been the primary early adopters of new connected consumer electronics (CE) products and service, and that’s the case when it comes to virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), according to a new virtual reality forecast from Parks Associates. In producing ¨Connected CE,...Learn More

Carrier SDN Survey: 75% to Deploy or Have Deployed This Year

Software-defined networking (SDN) is well on the way to achieving ubiquity among network carriers, according to IHS Markit’s fourth annual carrier SDN survey. Three-quarters of survey respondents said their organizations already had deployed or will deploy SDN in 2016. One-hundred percent said they intend to...Learn More