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Entertainment Report: VoD Revenues Return to Growth, Strong 4K UHD Equipment Sales

U.S. sales of 4K UHD TVs, players and discs was strong in 2016, the first year they were available in retail shops, helping propel annual consumer home entertainment equipment spending 2 percent higher year-over-year (YoY) to more than $18 billion, according to a new 4K...Learn More

Verizon AOL Strategy Aims to Exploit $90 Billion Advertising Market Opportunity

A key initiative in 2017 for an evolving Verizon AOL strategy is to more tightly integrate Verizon/ AOL marketing initiatives, said Marni Walden, Verizon president of product innovation and new businesses, at a financial conference today. Moves that the carrier already has made in that...Learn More

CenturyLink Broadband Strategy Relies on OTT for a Return to Broadband Growth

Like some other major carriers, CenturyLink has seen declines on the residential side of its business — not only on the voice side, but also on the broadband side, as some customers have shifted to higher-speed cable service to meet climbing data demands. But the...Learn More

TDS Launches New TV App

December 29, 2016 – A new, free TDS TV Companion App from TDS® Telecom, turns smartphones and tablets into personal TV remote controls. The new functionality comes as part of a user interface upgrade, which also brings an updated look and feel to the TDS...Learn More

Seven Top Telecom Trends for 2017

Fixed wireless (including 5G), broadband Universal Service, and increasingly diverse video options will be key focus areas for the telecom industry in 2017. Other top telecom trends for 2017 include and new business opportunities such as SD-WAN and the Internet of Things, including the...Learn More

AT&T Launches DirecTV 4K UHD for Businesses

AT&T claimed an industry first Dec. 21, announcing it is the first U.S. digital video carrier to offer 4K UHD content to businesses. Targeting bars and restaurants in the main, AT&T’s DirecTV 4K UHD TV content – delivered via DirecTV – includes live sports and...Learn More

Integrated Local Channels on Sling AirTV Player May Entice Even More Cord Cutters

A new OTT platform that Sling TV will soon launch adds desirable features that may make cord cutting even more appealing. AirTV will put local channels on Sling TV through a separate OTA antenna, integrated with both Netflix and the Sling TV channel line-up on...Learn More

Report: Percentage of Smart TVs Actually Connected to the Internet on the Rise

The percentage of smart TVs actually connected to the Internet is on the rise,  according to new market research from NPD Connected Intelligence. Eighty percent of installed smart TVs and streaming media players will be connected by year-end 2019 as compared to 70 percent in 2015....Learn More

Sling TV Opens Cloud DVR Beta Trial

A cloud DVR beta trial is now underway for the OTT video service from Sling TV. Invitations to select participants are being issued today, according to a company blog post. The cloud DVR beta features Roku devices only for now, including Roku players and Roku...Learn More

T-Mobile Takes on AT&T with Free DIRECTV NOW Promotion

A free DIRECTV NOW promotion from T-Mobile aims to take some steam out of AT&T’s efforts to leverage the ‘mobile first’ OTT service, launched a couple of weeks ago. T-Mobile announced that not only are they adding DIRECTV NOW to their Binge On promotion (which...Learn More

Weekly Online Video Viewing Exceeds Two Hours for 50% of Americans

Just over half of U.S. and U.K. consumers surveyed by Limelight Networks for its fourth semi-annual “State of Online Video” report said their weekly online video viewing exceeds two hours. Released Dec. 14, the report reveals that online video viewing is highest among males and...Learn More

Cellular Network Traffic Forecast: Avg Smartphone Data Usage will Reach 5GB/month

Telecom and Internet service providers should be preparing for another sharp rise in mobile network traffic. More specifically, the annual volume of cell phone data traffic will reach 129,000 petabytes by 2018, according to a cellular network traffic report from Juniper Research released Dec. 6....Learn More