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CFO: Consolidated Communications Video Takes Backseat to Broadband

The latest conflict between content owners and video service providers may have been de-escalated this week when FCC intervention put a halt to Sinclair’s blackout of Dish Network, but conflicts remain. Some video providers – including Consolidated Communications — are finding video content economics so...Learn More

ACA to FCC: Smaller Cable Companies Are Shutting Down and Congress Should Know Why

The American Cable Association, which represents small, primarily rural, cable companies, is again asking the Federal Communications Commission to report on and study the closing of smaller cable systems, including why the closings occurred. Ninety-one cable systems serving more than 5,300 subscribers shut down in...Learn More

DISH Sinclair Retransmission Battle Results in 129 Stations Going Dark on DISH

Updated at 9:40p ET 8/26/15 with Restoration Announcement Updated at 1:55p ET 8/26/15 with FCC Response The retransmission wars hit a new high this week, resulting in the “largest local channel blackout in the history of television,” according to a DISH press release. Sinclair, one...Learn More

Comcast Opens up Live Streaming App, Delivers Live Video to TV, Mobile

In today’s digital media lifestyle, virtually anyone with a smartphone can be a broadcaster. Comcast hopes to capitalize on this reality with Xfinity Share, a live streaming app, which lets subscribers share live video with others, directly to a TV or other mobile device. Comcast...Learn More

TDG: Internet Set-Top Box Penetration Reaches 21%

Internet set-top boxes (iSTBs) are present in 1 of 5 (21 percent) U.S. broadband households, an increase of 63 percent in the last year and 13 percent percent above that early last year, according to a new analysis from TDG (The Diffusion Group) entitled, ¨The...Learn More

Report: Pay-TV Subscriber Losses Hit New Record

U.S. multichannel service providers posted their largest quarterly subscriber loss to date in this year’s second quarter, according to SNL Kagan’s 2Q’15 “U.S. Multichannel Subscriber Report.” SNL Kagan’s 2Q data provides evidence that the perceived risk of “cord-cutting” to pay-TV providers’ is real. U.S. cable,...Learn More

FCC Proposes Retransmission Reform, Looks at ‘Distant Signals’

One of the most contentious issues in the video industry today is retransmission consent. FCC Chairman Wheeler just jumped into the middle of it. The practice, where video service providers (VSPs) and local broadcasters negotiate a per-subscriber fee for the delivery of local stations to...Learn More

CenturyLink OTT Video, High-Speed Copper Trials Planned

CenturyLink is conducting or planning to conduct several interesting technology and market trials including an over-the-top video trial targeted for the fourth quarter of this year, according to CenturyLink Chief Financial Officer Stewart Ewing. The trial OTT offering is expected to sell for between $20...Learn More

OTT Creating Flood of Video Traffic That Must be Addressed

The growing amount of video traffic generated by OTT services is well documented. Broadband service providers are carefully monitoring networks and responding with faster speeds to the home and with network upgrades. But will these measures be enough? The video traffic flood has only just...Learn More

5G Revenue Forecast to Surpass $65 Billion by 2025

Revenues for 5G services will exceed $65 billion by 2025, according to a forecast from Juniper Research. That would be up from a forecast $100 billion in 2020, the year the first commercial 5G roll-outs are expected. Surpassing $65 billion by 2025 would mean global...Learn More

AT&T MobileTV Featured in New All in One Bundles of Pay TV, Wireless

AT&T didn’t waste any time putting together service bundles that include its traditional offerings as well as the nationwide satellite TV service the company gained through its recently completed DirecTV acquisition. The company on August 10 will launch what it says is the first-ever service...Learn More

Sling TV Vs. Comcast: NBC Stations Won’t Air “Old TV” Ads, SlingTV Says

“You’ll pay for extra channels and like it,” says a pubescent bully portraying “old TV” as he pins another young man portraying a typical cable customer in a new television ad from Sling TV. Sling TV is running the ad on its web page, along...Learn More