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Mediacom Netflix App Coming to TiVo Boxes

Mediacom is the latest cable MSO to turn to Netflix. They will be adding the OTT service to their channel line-up through app placement on the TiVo platform. They join a growing number of cable MSOs who hope to integrate the popular OTT service with...Learn More

OTT Video Viewer Survey: Smart TVs Increase Group Viewing

Introducing streaming video devices into the home changes viewing patterns significantly, according to one of two new studies from the Council for Research Excellence (CRE) released May 1. Smart TVs, for example, lead to more in the way of group viewing, while introduction of OTT...Learn More

Cablevision Offers Hulu Plus, Courts Cord Cutters Again

Cablevision is wasting no time in addressing the cord cutting trend. They recently launched a cord cutter targeted bundle of broadband and Wi-Fi, packaged with a digital antenna for off-air broadcast channels. They were the first traditional cable company to launch HBO NOW. You can...Learn More

ESPN Sues Verizon over New FiOS Custom TV Package

The dispute regarding Verizon’s new FiOS Custom TV package just got a little more interesting. As I predicted in the original post discussing FiOS Custom TV, this issue looks like it’s going to end up in court, with ESPN officially suing Verizon, citing program carriage...Learn More

Cablevision Cord Cutter Package Reveals Shifting Attitudes

Cablevision, the New York based MSO with operations in the New York City metro area, has introduced an interesting package targeting cord cutters and cord ‘neverers.’ The package from this traditional cable TV provider offers no cable TV services and in fact, encourages customers to...Learn More

OTT Video Revenue Forecast to Reach $32 Billion in 2019

Revenue across the global over-the-top (OTT) video marketplace will reach $32 billion by 2019, according to the latest market data and forecast from Juniper Research. Ongoing growth in mature, developed markets such as North America and Western Europe and “the emergence of key OTT TV...Learn More

Verizon Takes on ESPN, Old School Programming Rules with New FiOS TV Programming

Verizon is taking somewhat of a bold step with their FiOS TV channel-line up, FiOS Custom TV. They are giving customers more choice in selecting programming, by offering a “skinny” bundle and add-on programming packages. It looks somewhat similar to the approach being taken by...Learn More

Sandvine: HBO NOW Network Impact is Minimal

Last week’s launch of HBO NOW, a streaming Internet video service that stands apart from HBO’s traditional subscription-based pay-TV cable service, marks a new approach via which traditional cable providers and TV broadcasters are looking to meet the competitive challenge from over-the-top (OTT) online video...Learn More

Accenture Media Consumption Survey: TV Screens See Sharp Decline

People around the world are increasingly turning to a variety of consumer electronic (CE) devices – smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, as well as portable and desktop PCs – to satisfy their need for entertainment. The emergence of the variety of CE devices and digital...Learn More

Netflix Subscriber Growth Results in 10 Billion Hours of Streaming Video in 1Q 2015

The Netflix train does not appear to be slowing down. In fact it may be accelerating. Their recent 1Q 2015 earnings report highlights over 60 million subscribers, with 40 million in the U.S. alone. All of those subscribers streamed 10 billion hours of video in...Learn More

Teen Smartphone Usage: 92% Online Almost Constantly

Ninety-one percent of U.S. teens venture online via mobile devices at least occasionally, according to the latest research from the Pew Research Center’sInternet, Science and Tech unit. Nearly all African-American teens reported doing so, “significantly more than white or Hispanic teens,” Pew’s Amanda Lenhart writes....Learn More

Ovum: Pay-TV, Broadcasters Want in On Streaming, Total OTT Subscribers Now at 100M

The advent of OTT (over-the-top), direct-to-consumer streaming video services from pay-TV providers and broadcasters, such as HBO Now, CBS All Access and DISH’s Sling TV “herald in a new era in online streaming as premium, stand-alone services based on content once exclusive to traditional pay-TV,”...Learn More