CEO: We Don’t Need 5G for U.S. Cellular Fixed Wireless, LTE Will Work Just Fine

LTE will be a better choice than 5G for supporting fixed wireless service for U.S. Cellular, said U.S. Cellular CEO Ken Meyers, yesterday. U.S. Cellular fixed LTE is currently available in remote areas of Kansas and Nebraska, and the company expects to make more fixed...Learn More

U.S. Cellular and Nokia Team Up to Improve the Network Experience for Customers

January 03, 2018 — CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–U.S. Cellular and Nokia today announced that they are working together on a transformative intelligent operations system to better predict and determine network performance to enhance the wireless customer experience. By combining Nokia’s advanced analytics and a variety of “smart”...Learn More

Top Telecom Stories of 2017 (7 High-Profile, 3 Low-Profile)

It was virtually impossible to miss some of the top telecom stories of 2017 –such as the recent Net Neutrality reversal or carriers’ ongoing 5G and fixed wireless activities. Some other important stories initially got a bit of attention but then faded from the collective...Learn More

U.S. Cellular Offers In-Vehicle Wi-Fi, Vehicle Management Tool

November 14, 2017 — CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–U.S. Cellular customers can easily manage their vehicles and keep tabs on the safety of their drivers using CruiseConnect, an easy-to-install vehicle connectivity device developed by ZTE and accompanying mobile app developed by Modus. CruiseConnect offers safety notifications for families, serves as...Learn More

U.S. Cellular 5G Fixed Wireless Tests: 8.5 Gbps Using Macrocell Antennas at 28 GHz

U.S. Cellular has achieved speeds of 8.5 Gbps in tests of 5G fixed wireless technology at 28 GHz using macrocell antennas. The U.S. cellular 5G fixed wireless tests were the first to use an antenna height of 123 feet, the company said. Because distances covered...Learn More

What Happens If a State Decides to Opt Out of FirstNet Plans from AT&T?

Rivada Networks and U.S. Cellular are the latest companies to challenge AT&T’s progress in gaining agreements to build a nationwide mobile broadband public safety network known as FirstNet. Just a few weeks after Verizon said it would build a core public safety network core in...Learn More

About Half of Fifty 600 MHz Auction Winners Are Rural Companies

AT&T, Comcast, Dish Network and T-Mobile were the big winners in the voluntary auction of TV broadcast spectrum in the 600 MHz band completed several weeks ago, the FCC announced this afternoon. Fifty 600 MHz auction winners, about half of which were rural carriers, collectively...Learn More

Ericsson, U.S. Cellular 5G Field Test Achieves 9 Gbps Peak Speed

Conducting an experimental field trial of next-gen 5G wireless technology in Madison, Wisconsin, Ericsson and U.S. Cellular announced peak throughput of 9 Gbps over 787 ft. and 1.5 Gbps over one mile. The Ericsson, U.S. Cellular 5G field trial involved the installation of 56 radios...Learn More

U.S. Cellular 5G Tests Show Technology’s Potential for Rural Markets

5G wireless technology could be an important technology for mid-sized and rural markets, as news today about U.S. Cellular 5G testing illustrates. The company said it had collaborated with Nokia to test 5G and demonstrate 5G in a fixed wireless configuration. U.S. Cellular and Nokia...Learn More

U.S. Cellular Network Now a Part of Google MVNO Project Fi

The underlying network of the nation’s 5th largest wireless carrier will become available for Project Fi, the Google MVNO that aims to disrupt the mobile carrier industry. U.S. Cellular joins T-Mobile and Sprint as underlying carriers for the Google MVNO project. Project Fi, first launched...Learn More

U.S. Cellular Strategy: Accessory Sales Cover Stores’ Operational Costs

U.S. Cellular CEO Kenneth R. Meyers yesterday revealed a notable aspect of U.S. Cellular strategy for the company’s retail operations. The wireless carrier no longer views its retail outlets as a cost of doing business; instead the stores’ operational costs are covered through sales of...Learn More

U.S. Cellular VoLTE Launch Aims to Boost Roaming Revenues

U.S. Cellular VoLTE plans include a launch in one market this year, following trials in three markets, said U.S. Cellular CEO Kenneth R. Meyers late yesterday. Eventually the company expects to expand VoLTE more broadly, said Meyers in a question and answer session at the...Learn More

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