Report: AR/VR Headset Sales Jump 25.5% Over Last Year

The headset segment of the still young augmented reality and virtual reality segments grew 25.5 percent year-over-year, according to new AR/VR headset sales data from IDC. The category reached 2.1 million headset units shipped, according to IDC. IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset...Learn More

NCTC OTT Deals include Sony PlayStation Vue and fuboTV

In a sign of the times, two NCTC OTT deals were announced at this week’s Independent Show, taking place in Indianapolis. The two deals will allow NCTC members to resell OTT services from Sony PlayStation Vue and fuboTV, both of which are considered vMVPDs, offering...Learn More

AR-VR Headsets Forecast Calls For Triple-Digit Growth This Year

Sales of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets picked up steam in 1Q 2017, and growth should continue strong throughout 2017, according to a new AR-VR headsets forecast from IDC. Anticipating the launch of a lengthy list of new AR/VR products in 2H’17, IDC...Learn More

Comcast Hedges Bet on Nationwide OTT Service, Secures OTT Rights

The field for nationwide OTT offers is getting quite crowded, and it may one day include Comcast. A report from Bloomberg Business cites recent negotiations by Comcast to secure nationwide OTT rights from several programmers. The move appears to be a hedge for now for...Learn More

Virtual Reality Headset Penetration to Reach 81 Million by 2020

Consumers will be buying a lot more virtual reality headsets (VR) in coming years as smartphone and high-tech vendors launch aggressive promotional campaigns, according to a new virtual reality headset penetration forecast from IHS Markit. VR headset use will surge from 4 million in 2015...Learn More

Ahead of DIRECTV OTT Streaming Launch, AT&T Acquires Quickplay

AT&T is busily preparing for an upcoming DIRECTV OTT streaming launch, and is acquiring Quickplay in the process. Quickplay provides a managed video platform that powers OTT, TV Everywhere, and other digital video solutions. AT&T already uses Quickplay for their U-verse TV platform. AT&T is...Learn More

Game Consoles Forecast: Household Penetration Below 50% by 2019

Internet gaming consoles have been the most common connected entertainment device for years now, but their presence in U.S. broadband households will drop below 50% by 2019, according to a game consoles forecast from Parks Associates. Unit sales have been dropping for nearly 10 years...Learn More

Sony OTT Nationwide Expansion Highlights Growing Competitive Implications for Pay-TV Ecosystem

Announced today, a Sony OTT nationwide expansion will bring the company’s PlayStation Vue OTT video service to over 203 markets across the country. The expansion includes three new announced channel line-ups, offering from 55 to 100+ TV channels, starting at $30 month. The move will...Learn More

OTT Video Habits Survey: 83% Watch On Demand

More than 8 in 10 consumers (83 percent) watch on-demand video (VOD), four percent more than did so in April 2015, according to digital content delivery platform provider Limelight Networks’ second semi-annual ¨The State of Online Video¨ report. The amount of time adult viewers 18-69...Learn More

TIS: All Paths Lead to OTT, IP Video

Independent cable operators met this week in Boston at NCTC’s annual The Independent Show (TIS), and a growing sense of urgency was on display. That urgency involves correctly positioning a small cable company in a fast changing market, where the historical core service of video...Learn More

Exec Survey Foresees Rise of Niche OTT Video Subscriptions

How fast will the U.S. market for over-the-top (OTT) video service grow, what’s driving growth and what will the market look like in three years? Forty-five leading providers of entertainment content and services weigh in on these topics in a market research report released today,...Learn More

WSJ: Sony, HBO, Showtime Want Internet Fast Lanes After All

Just weeks after the FCC adopted new Net Neutrality rules, those rules could soon face their first test. The Wall Street Journal reports today that several content providers planning new subscription video streaming offerings have talked to major broadband providers about having their streaming services...Learn More

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