Cloud DVR Becomes New Battleground in OTT Wars

OTT video is evolving, and emerging virtual pay-TV operators are in a pitched battle to grow their subscriber base. Increasingly, cloud DVR is seen as a necessary weapon. The virtual pay-TV landscape is getting quite crowded. There are at least four current virtual providers of...Learn More

Report: Time Spent on Mobile Devices Surpasses Five Hours Daily

The average time spent on mobile devices in the U.S. has risen to 5 hours every day, up 20 percent from 4Q 2015, according to Flurry Analytics. How that time is divided up among various uses continues to shift, Flurry Analytics notes in a blog...Learn More

YouTube TV OTT Service Reveals Channel Line-Up, Latest to Take on Pay-TV Industry

Google introduced a new YouTube TV OTT service yesterday that will offer a streaming channel line-up with some interesting features, taking on traditional pay-TV providers. A YouTube TV OTT service is the latest so called virtual MVPD service, which offers a comparable pay-TV service, but...Learn More

Comcast YouTube App to Feature X1 Voice Control

Collaboration between leading incumbent cable pay-TV and OTT video services providers continues as Comcast and Google announced they will launch a Comcast YouTube app on Xfinity X1 across the country later this year. X1 is now available to 50% of Comcast video customer homes, according...Learn More

GfK MRI: Millennials Comprise 43% of Cordless Video Market

Young adult Millennials (18-34) make up 43 percent of the U.S. cordless video market, defined as those who never have had cable, satellite or fiber optic TV service or “cut the cord” on these services, according to GfK MRI’s latest Cord Evolution research. Nearly one-third...Learn More

Flurry: Communitainment Fuels 38.5 Percent Rise in Mobile App Usage

The average amount of time U.S. mobile device users spend engaged with mobile app content rose another 38.5 percent between 2015 and 2016, according to Yahoo’s Flurry market research unit. That follows a 108 percent increase between 2014 and 2015. Researchers attribute this rise, in...Learn More

Mobile Video Viewing Survey Finds 85% Jump Since 2010

Mobile video viewing has been growing rapidly and reached massive scale over the course of recent years, according to a new mobile video viewing survey. Some 1.1 billion consumers use their smartphones or other Internet-connected mobile devices to watch streaming video content, according to Ericsson...Learn More

Dish YouTube Deal Integrates YouTube into Dish Set-Top-Box

A Dish YouTube deal announced today will incorporate YouTube among the OTT video content services included in Dish’s TV set-top box (STB) line-up. Dish said it is the first pay-TV provider in the nation to offer this capability. The Dish YouTube deal is the latest...Learn More

Online Video Marketing Survey: Two-Thirds of Marketers Plan Campaigns

Growing number of professional marketers and small business owners (SMBs) who see to their own marketing are turning to the latest online video production tools and social media to develop and run their own online marketing campaigns, according to an online video marketing survey from...Learn More

OTT Video Demographics: Millennials Watch Less YouTube, More OTT Services

Price is becoming less and content availability more of a factor in viewers’ decisions to cut the cord on their pay-TV services and switch to OTT alternatives, according to new market research about OTT video demographics from Limelight Networks. Seven in 10 consumers now subscribe...Learn More

T-Mobile Exempts YouTube Viewing from Mobile Data Caps

In its latest Binge On move, T-Mobile exempts YouTube and several other video channels from counting towards a customer’s monthly data allotment. T-Mobile now reports 50 video services that their customers can stream without impacting their mobile data cap. T-Mobile launched Binge On late last...Learn More

Total Netflix Download Traffic Exceeds YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, and Facebook Combined

In its recent report to shareholders, Netflix revealed total Netflix download traffic equates to 37% of peak Internet download traffic,  exceeding all other major Internet video sources combined, by a longshot. The data was provided to Netflix by Sandvine. Netflix says it streamed a total...Learn More