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Vonage SD-WAN Targets Small Business, Illustrates Service Provider Opportunities

Vonage has been making some major moves involving software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN). Vonage SD-WAN has been available to larger enterprise customers for several years and the company today launched a new version of the offering aimed at small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). Businesses have been flocking to SD-WAN as a means of improving...Learn More

Zayo Launches SD-WAN Offering

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. today launched its Zayo SD-WAN solution, an integrated extension of Zayo’s fiber-based IP/MPLS backbone offerings designed to make enterprises’ networks easier to manage, improve performance and enhance reliability. In today’s IT environment, enterprises need to accommodate a growing number of users accessing the network from a wide array of locations with...Learn More

Windstream SD-WAN Solution Surpasses Goal for Signed Enterprise Customers, and Counting

Little Rock, Arkansas — December 27, 2017 — Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN), a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced today that its Windstream SD-WAN solution, introduced earlier this year, has been purchased by more than 500 mid-enterprise customers in regional banking, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing and other verticals. Windstream credits this rapid uptake to the close...Learn More

IDC: Four Benefits Driving SD-WAN

A quartet of potential benefits is attracting enterprises to SD-WAN technology, according to a study by IDC. The study found that bandwidth optimization (at 36%), consistent application security (31%), integration with existing WANs (28%) and improved automation and self-provisioning (also 28%) were seen as motivators by survey respondents. SD-WANs are network overlays that are the...Learn More

Windstream CEO: UCaaS and SD-WAN Opportunity Leads Windstream to Rethink Their SMB Approach

A lot of people tend to wax poetic about SD-WAN these days, but Windstream CEO Tony Thomas took it to a new level at an investor conference yesterday. A few years ago, Windstream differentiated itself through a superior customer experience but today’s differentiators also include “a disruptor technology,” said Thomas of Windstream SD-WAN service. Windstream...Learn More

Comcast ActiveCore SDN Platform Highlights Cable MSO SD-WAN Intent

Comcast has moved fully into the software-defined network (SDN) age with the introduction of Comcast Business ActiveCore SDN and an SD-WAN service based on the platform. Comcast SDN services join a growing Comcast business services product portfolio. Comcast has signed several customers to the SD-WAN service, according to a press release. The only one named...Learn More

Windstream Cloud Connect Enhancements Include SD-WAN, Wavelengths

Windstream today announced a broader range of connectivity options for its Cloud Connect service, which provides connectivity to major cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, Oracle Fast Connect and Salesforce. Among the new Windstream Cloud Connect options are software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and wavelength connectivity. Windstream...Learn More

Verizon SD-WAN Offerings Expand With Integrated Security

Verizon is expanding its software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) offerings, announcing today that it will offer an SD-WAN customer premises solution dubbed SD-Branch that incorporates security and other functionality. The new Verizon SD-WAN option will use software from Versa Networks that runs on generic hardware. The software-based offering already is in use by several...Learn More

BCN Telecom partners with Windstream Wholesale for SD-WAN adoption

Little Rock, Arkansas — August 17, 2017 — Windstream, (NASDAQ:WIN), a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced today that BCN Telecom – a New Jersey-based technology service provider specializing in multi-location, multi-product aggregation – will soon be adding Windstream Wholesale’s Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution to its nationwide product suite. As the...Learn More

Windstream UCaaS Portfolio is Now Paired with SD-WAN

Recently bolstered by its Broadview acquisition, Windstream is pairing its unified communications as a service (UCaaS) with its SD-WAN solution. Thanks to Broadstream, the Windstream UCaaS portfolio is now 100% cloud-based, targeting business customers from SMBs to the enterprise. The two services are among the hottest business trends offered by carriers today, so some of...Learn More

Windstream SD-WAN Enhancements Include Proactive Monitoring

Windstream today built on its previous moves into the SD-WAN sector with four new services. Windstream SD-WAN enhancements include proactive monitoring, an integrated management tool and more. This is the latest step in Windstream’s SD-WAN buildout. The first big move was the acquisition of EarthLink and its SD-WAN infrastructure in a $1.1 billion deal that...Learn More

CenturyLink Managed Hybrid SD-WAN Launched

A CenturyLink managed hybrid SD-WAN service hit the market yesterday. As the company explained, the offering delivers comprehensive WAN packages “as a service” for a fixed monthly price. The availability of the CenturyLink Managed Hybrid SD-WAN solutions holds out prospects of tighter integration of high-capacity network infrastructure and customer premises equipment, along with optimization of...Learn More

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