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Jay Cuthrell is a strategic technology consultant with and frequent industry speaker based in Research Triangle Park, NC and Missoula, MT. His focus is serving clients that are telecommunications service providers, startup companies, and investment groups. He has held CTO, VP, and GM roles at Digitel Corporation and NeoNova (an Azure Capital and Bridgescale Partners portfolio company) and infrastructure consulting roles working both domestically and internationally for Fortune 500 clients. He also served at Scient (iXL), Nortel, Analysts International, IBM, and NCSU College of Engineering. He holds a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University and grew up in Beaufort, NC. His on again off again personal blog since 1997 can be found at and he is qthrul on Twitter and elsewhere.

Network Security: More About Opportunity Than Cost?

Security was one of those topics that usually ended up at the end of most agendas and service provider conferences you’ve attended over the years.  Yet for being thought of last, security is actually one of the topics that elicits the greatest responses from subscribers. Today, Cisco has released their midyear security report and some...Learn More

Google Wave or Just Wave?

Yesterday, Google announced their intention to end Google Wave development as a standalone website.  This came as a shock to some Google Wave devotees still euphoric from Google announcing general availability of the product at their Google I/O Developer Conference just a few months ago.  Support for Wave from Google will continue until the end...Learn More

Facebook Claims 500M Members: Should You Care?

Facebook announced this week they reached the 500M member mark. You’ve probably heard the statistics comparing Facebook’s size to that of the population of a large country. So, is there anyone left that hasn’t signed up for a Facebook account? Increasingly, the big business question with all things social media tends to be the ROI...Learn More

In a Bit of Irony, Skype Allegedly Blocks Service on Their Network

What goes around, they say, comes around. There is no doubt that in the consumer market, Skype has been one of the most disruptive technologies in modern telecommunications.  Essentially, by making use of existing consumer telecom broadband connections, Skype enables a high quality telephone like experience at no charge for calls between consumers that both...Learn More

Financial Weather Report: Increasing Clouds

A recent article in the Denver Business Journal highlights the cloud computing opportunity for telecom providers. You’ve no doubt seen the term “cloud” appear just about everywhere you’d find infrastructure mentioned. Anything as a Service (XaaS) runs the gamut from storage to applications to raw computing power. As a result, the same way AOL dialup...Learn More

Google’s Internet is a Series of Consumers

On Monday an update was posted to the Google Public Policy Blog. The brevity of the post might lead one to consider it a minor or passing topic. Rather, the topic was the National Broadband Plan and where Google intended to weigh in on the issues being debated. You might also be surprised to learn...Learn More

The Blurring Lines of OTT, IPTV

What happens when the lines blur between broadcast TV, cable, and Internet content? Is this what IPTV was supposed to be? CNET hosted a roundtable of experts to address such questions and tackle the ever increasing collisions between video content online when the TV is also an Internet connected device. The roundtable included the prolific...Learn More

A Year Later: AT&T Shines at SxSW

Last week the city of Austin, Texas transformed as tens of thousands of mobile data hungry individuals descended upon the downtown area for the annual South by Southwest (SxSW) conference. The time frame of this surge in mobile data use as well as mobile voice calls and text was sustained from March 12 to March...Learn More

So, P2P is now legit?

A recent article in the Economist highlights the changing views on technologies initially associated with so-called criminal Internet activity. Now a tool once reviled by broadcasters and media companies is showing new signs of life by being added to an already growing bag of Internet tricks. Yes, peer-to-peer (P2P) is back but without the baggage...Learn More

Slingbox Meets XBox – Placeshifting for Video Games?

If you attended last year’s  TelcoTV conference, you might recall my references to a variety of new consumer devices during the “Dumb Pipe Strategy: Does it Have Merit?” panel. The panel discussion centered on OTT and discussions around placeshifting of a home entertainment experience and how broadband providers will have to respond. One of the...Learn More

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