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Time Warner Cable Steps on the WiFi Gas by Moving Forward with Hotspot 2.0

The cable industry’s leadership on WiFi is well documented. Cable companies have been able to leverage WiFi individually and collectively to deliver tangible incremental value for their broadband subscribers. Time Warner Cable (TWC) is stepping up their WiFi efforts by being the first major broadband carrier to embrace Hotspot 2.0 with TWCWiFi-Passpoint. Wi-Fi aggregator Boingo...Learn More

Growing Wireless Backhaul Opportunity Causes Lumos Networks to Start Over with Project Ark

Mid-Atlantic regional carrier Lumos Networks, based in Waynesboro, Va, has offered wireless backhaul services for many years. But its growing importance on Lumos’ top line revenue and bottom line profitability, combined with evolving wireless carrier requirements, has caused Lumos to reset their wireless backhaul strategy and embark on a new approach they have code named...Learn More

AT&T HBO Bundle Targets Potential Cord Cutters for $40 per Month

There is an ongoing debate about the true impact of video cord cutting. One side of the argument says consumers are actively cutting the cord to save money or because they consume video differently than the traditional ‘smorgasbord’ channel line-up model. The counter argument points to the data and says cord cutting is simply not...Learn More

Amazon Enters Crowded OTT STB Arena with Amazon Fire TV

Amazon unveiled a competitor to Roku and Apple TV with the launch of Amazon Fire TV, a new OTT STB option, which will retail for $99. Amazon Fire TV offers many of the same features of its competitors, but also some distinct differences. Amazon has proven its not afraid to take on consumer electronic heavyweights,...Learn More

Sprint Partners With CCA and NetAmerica to Expand Rural 4G LTE

Sprint wants to accelerate its 4G buildout and it’s turning to rural carriers to help them achieve it. Rural carriers will soon be able to partner with Sprint through their affiliations with the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) and the NetAmerica Alliance (NAA) for preferred roaming and network build-out and “sharing,” respectively.  The programs will offer...Learn More

Charter Spectrum is Latest Service Brand Move

The list of service providers who implement a new premium branding strategy for their service bundles now includes Charter, which is rolling out the new Charter Spectrum brand, first announced in November 2013.  Spectrum joins FiOS, Xfinity, U-verse, and Optimum, among others, who have already launched new brands for their services. Like the service providers...Learn More

Video Cord Cutting: Much Ado About Nothing…At Least Not Yet

The latest research from Leichtman Research Group (LRG) reveals that the pay-TV industry lost a whopping 0.1% of subscribers to video cord cutting in 2013. That equates to 105K subscribers from a total multichannel pay-TV universe of 94.6 million subscribers. Hardly the crisis of video cord cutting that gets much of the headlines these days,...Learn More

With Frontier Anywhere, Frontier Targets Entire Country with Cloud Based Hosted PBX

The move into hosted PBX services by carriers of all sizes is well documented. Carriers see great opportunity for revenue growth by targeting small and medium business (SMB) customers with a cloud based business communications service that can replace legacy PBX and key systems. Cloud based systems allow carriers to easily go out of their...Learn More

Analyst: Mobile Data Revenues Surpass 50% of Wireless Total

According to leading wireless industry analyst Chetan Sharma, an important milestone for the wireless service provider industry occurred in 4Q 2013. Revenue generated by wireless data services eclipsed the 50% mark of total revenue generated by wireless service providers. By this measure, one could argue that in aggregate, wireless service providers are mobile data companies...Learn More

Broadband TV Sees Growing and Interesting Momentum

A couple years ago, I gave a presentation at the former TelcoTV conference about broadband and video. The main point of my presentation said, if you are a broadband service provider, you are also a video service provider, whether you wanted to be or not. The challenge was how to make money at it. The...Learn More

The Evolution of the Telecom Bundle: The New Double Play?

The success of the triple play bundle is undeniable. Combining voice, video, and broadband onto a single ‘pipe’ into the home and on a single bill created great value to consumers and helped drive ARPU growth for service providers. The telco and cable industries have been happily riding the triple play wave for years. For...Learn More

Google May be Planning Massive Google Fiber Expansion

Ever since Google announced their first Google Fiber plan in Kansas City, their intentions with this broadband service provider approach have been debated. Was Kansas City (and Austin and Provo which followed) just an experiment as a way to ‘shame’ other ISPs into offering next generation broadband? Or was Google seriously considering joining the ranks...Learn More