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C Spire Charts Pay-TV BYOD Strategy, Ditching the Set-Top-Box

A new C Spire initiative features a pay-TV BYOD strategy that helps highlight a rapidly evolving video business marketplace. C Spire will deliver their IPTV service, including their linear channel line-up, to IP-enabled devices provided by end customers, removing the need for a traditional set-top-box (STB), the company announced at the NCTC/ACA Independent Show in...Learn More

FCC: No Changes to Retransmission Consent Rules Needed, More Blackouts to Come?

Video operators looking to the FCC to change retransmission consent rules received bad news today. According to a blog post by FCC Chairman Wheeler, no rules changes are needed. That’s somewhat of a victory for broadcasters who held the position that the current rules are working fine. Retransmission consent disputes are some of the most...Learn More

Speculation of a Level 3 Sale is on the Rise

Speculation of a possible Level 3 sale drove the stock price (NYSE: LVLT) of the network operator up by almost 4% yesterday, with three times the normal trading volume. An investor newsletter suggested that Level 3 is exploring strategic options, including a sale of the company. Possible suitors include Comcast and Alphabet/Google. Level 3’s assets,...Learn More

New Disruptive Google Fiber Business Pricing Plans Introduced

Google just introduced new Google Fiber business pricing plans that will add yet another competitive implication to their move into the broadband access business. The new plans start at $70/month for a 100 Mbps plan, which includes a router and WiFi gateway. That could be considered disruptive pricing for small business connectivity. Additional plans were...Learn More

Your New Low-Cost Open Source Cellular Network, Courtesy of Facebook OpenCellular

An open source cellular network movement was kick started yesterday, thanks to the new Facebook OpenCellular project. The initiative aims to bring a low cost, open source software defined wireless access platform to the market that enables wireless voice and Internet service. If successful, the project could bring wireless access to remote and rural regions...Learn More

Mediacom Community WiFi on Tap, Trials Underway

Large national cable MSOs have long coveted WiFi access as a broadband service value add, and a new Mediacom community WiFi initiative demonstrates how smaller cable companies are joining the effort. New York based cable MSO Mediacom, with operations in 22 states, has community WiFi trials underway in four primary markets, including Savage, MN; Columbia/Jefferson...Learn More

Netflix Comcast X1 Integration Helps Push Netflix into Traditional Pay-TV Mainstream

Netflix continues its push into the traditional pay-TV experience with news that a Netflix Comcast X1 integration is currently underway. Recode is reporting both companies have confirmed the Netflix Comcast X1 integration, although details have not been revealed. A joint statement on the Recode site says “Comcast and Netflix have reached an agreement to incorporate...Learn More

Report: Smartphone Penetration Among Children is Surging, Not Just Teens Anymore

It’s no secret that teenagers love their devices, their smartphones in particular, but it’s worth noting that smartphone penetration among children continues to surge. And it’s not just teenagers anymore. According to an eMarketer report, 88.3% of teens aged 12 to 17 will have mobile phones this year, and among that population, 84% will have...Learn More

Cord Cutting in Rural Markets: Less of a Threat?

Cord cutting in rural markets may not pose as much of a threat to video operators as it does in urban markets, according to research findings about cord cutting behavior. Jerry Weber, vice president of voice and video products for Innovative Systems, who sponsored the study, discussed these findings at Telecompetitor’s recent broadbandTV event. Weber...Learn More

Managed Broadband TV Success is Tied to Faster Broadband and Customer Education

Many smaller broadband operators are launching managed broadband TV services, which generally feature local broadcast channels (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, etc.) delivered to a private Roku channel (or other streaming video device). Operators are hoping to attract customers who are interested in a skinny bundle of video, rather than the traditional pay-TV channel line-up for...Learn More

ZoneTV: OTT Content Integration is Key to Pay-TV Success

In order to adapt to the changing pay-TV landscape, operators must embrace OTT content integration with the traditional channel line-up, says ZoneTV CEO Jeff Weber. Weber made his comments at Telecompetitor’s recent broadbandTV event. Weber, who has a long history in the video business, having run AT&T’s U-verse TV business unit at one time, stressed...Learn More

Rise of OTT Introduces Growing Number of OTT Video Platforms

As OTT continues to soar, the number of OTT video platforms for operators does as well. Telecompetitor’s broadbandTV event brought together several OTT platform providers to discuss the varying ways of delivering video in an OTT world. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida based ONE CONNXT  has a long history in the IP video distribution business and...Learn More