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Brillo is Google’s Version of a Smart Home Operating System, Managing the IoT

Google has successfully created an operating system for the smartphone with Android.  Together with Apple’s iOS, they jointly have a duopoly on the software that runs smartphones and tablets, although globally, Android has the lead over iOS. The idea of smart devices has moved beyond just mobile phones and is now penetrating the home and...Learn More

Windstream CEO: Windstream Gigabit Coming to One Market, Maybe Five in 2015

Add Windstream to the list of gigabit Internet service providers. Windstream CEO Tony Thomas announced their Gigabit plans at the recent J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Telecom investor conference. Thomas committed to launching at least one gigabit market in 2015, but maybe up to five, and even more beyond that. “We are drawing a...Learn More

Comcast Gigabit Footprint Expansion Announcements Continue, But Details Are Few

The Comcast Gigabit public relations machine is in full swing this week, with several new markets for their 2 Gigabit service, Gigabit Pro, announced for future roll outs. The new markets include parts of Utah, Colorado (Denver and Colorado Springs), Houston, Oregon, and Washington. Beyond announced markets, there is very little known about Comcast’s Gigabit...Learn More

Suddenlink Altice Deal Highlights Ongoing Cable MSO M&A Activity

Cable MSO merger and acquisition activity continues today, but from a somewhat surprising source. The latest deal includes tier 2 cable MSO Suddenlink who is being acquired by French communications conglomerate Altice for $9.2 billion. Suddenlink is the seventh largest U.S. cable MSO with 1.5 million residential and 90,000 business customers across several states including Texas,...Learn More

The Dawn of Broadband TV is Here

We are witnessing some profound changes in the video business these days. Broadband has now enabled some very distinct shifts in the delivery of video. It’s led to the emergence of a new model for video and entertainment – broadband TV – where an increasing amount of A-list content and, some will argue, a better...Learn More

GVTC: Growth in Faster Broadband Tiers Helps Broadband Subscribers to Surpass Telephone Subs

Like many legacy telephone companies, regional provider GVTC sees themselves as a broadband carrier first these days. For GVTC, the facts now confirm their view. For the first time, GVTC now counts more broadband subscribers than telephone subscribers, a trend that will soon be true for more smaller regional carriers. GVTC serves the Texas Hill...Learn More

Verizon Digital Strategy Now Includes Buying AOL

Verizon will buy AOL for $4.4 billion or $50 per share. AOL primarily focuses on digital content and online advertising, but has a long storied past with the Internet. Its early foundation was built on dial-up Internet subscriptions, a legacy that still contributes today, with over 2 million existing dial-up subscribers. Today, AOL owns some...Learn More

Verizon FiOS May Soon See Some Gigabit Competition, Finally

One interesting side note regarding the growing Gigabit movement is the lack of it in Verizon FiOS territories. It seems weekly (if not daily) now that we hear about some new Gigabit plan, but from what I can tell, very few, if any have touched existing Verizon FiOS markets. Google, with its announced Google Fiber...Learn More

Mediacom Netflix App Coming to TiVo Boxes

Mediacom is the latest cable MSO to turn to Netflix. They will be adding the OTT service to their channel line-up through app placement on the TiVo platform. They join a growing number of cable MSOs who hope to integrate the popular OTT service with their traditional pay-TV line up. Mediacom is the eighth largest...Learn More

Cablevision Offers Hulu Plus, Courts Cord Cutters Again

Cablevision is wasting no time in addressing the cord cutting trend. They recently launched a cord cutter targeted bundle of broadband and Wi-Fi, packaged with a digital antenna for off-air broadcast channels. They were the first traditional cable company to launch HBO NOW. You can now add Hulu Plus to the Cablevision mix, with the...Learn More

ESPN Sues Verizon over New FiOS Custom TV Package

The dispute regarding Verizon’s new FiOS Custom TV package just got a little more interesting. As I predicted in the original post discussing FiOS Custom TV, this issue looks like it’s going to end up in court, with ESPN officially suing Verizon, citing program carriage agreement violations. ESPN Sues Verizon “We simply ask that Verizon...Learn More

Cablevision Cord Cutter Package Reveals Shifting Attitudes

Cablevision, the New York based MSO with operations in the New York City metro area, has introduced an interesting package targeting cord cutters and cord ‘neverers.’ The package from this traditional cable TV provider offers no cable TV services and in fact, encourages customers to cut the cable TV cord. The move highlights shifting attitudes...Learn More