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CenturyLink Level 3 Deal is Latest Mega Merger Rumor

A reported CenturyLink Level 3 deal is in the works, in which Louisiana-based CenturyLink acquires Colorado-based Level 3, according to the Wall Street Journal. The two are in advanced talks according to the report, although the deal could still fall through. CenturyLink Level 3 Deal Should the deal be finalized, CenturyLink would gain one of...Learn More

Google Fiber Expansion Paused, Staff Let Go

A planned Google fiber expansion has been halted and the broadband access provider will reduce its headcount, as it evaluates how and if it will bring ultra-broadband services to additional markets. The move has been rumored for a few months and was confirmed by Craig Barratt, SVP, Alphabet and CEO of Access, who will be...Learn More

AT&T Time Warner Regulatory Approval is But One Hurdle for the Blockbuster Deal

AT&T continues its move to transform itself into a media and mobile powerhouse with news of its Time Warner acquisition, announced over the weekend. With the move, AT&T could gain several blue chip media brands including HBO, CNN, Turner Networks, and Warner Brothers Studios, among many other media properties. If approved, AT&T would control vast...Learn More

Embracing and Retraining for Innovation: AT&T Strategy Aims to Disrupt Itself Part II

An evolving AT&T strategy has set out on a journey to maximize its business opportunities in IoT, network virtualization, entertainment/OTT, and network security, among others. Many of these opportunities are disruptive technologies, and AT&T says to take advantage of them, they must disrupt themselves. That was a theme outlined at the recent AT&T Industry Analyst...Learn More

AT&T Strategy Aims to Disrupt Itself, Part I

At an industry analyst meeting held last week in Dallas, an AT&T strategy of disruption of its own business was a key theme throughout. “We are setting out to disrupt ourselves,” said AT&T vice chairman Ralph de la Vega in his opening comments to the audience of industry analysts at the company’s Dallas headquarters. That...Learn More

AT&T Gigabit Footprint Expands Under New AT&T Fiber Brand, GigaPower Retired

The AT&T gigabit footprint will grow by 11 additional markets, as rebranding at AT&T continues with the introduction of AT&T Fiber. The rebrand of GigaPower to AT&T Fiber comes shortly after the retirement of the U-verse brand. The AT&T gigabit footprint will eventually reach 67 markets and approximately 12.5 million locations, according to the company....Learn More

Google Wireless ISP is Official, Integration with Google Fiber is Now on Deck

There is an official Google wireless ISP today, thanks to the closing of the Webpass acquisition by Google. Webpass has ‘tens of thousands’ of wireless customers, primarily business, in five markets across the U.S. They use a point-to-point wireless technology, offering access of up to a gigabit in speed. They currently have 800 buildings on-net....Learn More

Broadband Speed Tiers: Should You Eliminate Them as a Usage Based Billing Strategy?

Broadband carriers spend a lot of effort emphasizing broadband speed tiers with their marketing efforts. There is a never ending speed race, with carriers trying to outdo each other with their broadband speed tiers. Is there a better approach? One that focuses on experience versus speed and bills subscribers based on usage, not speed? This...Learn More

GVTC Completes GigaRegion FTTH Expansion Project

Regional carrier GVTC has completed their initial GigaRegion FTTH expansion project, which brings gigabit capable services to over 20K homes. The city of Boerne was recently completed five months ahead of schedule, and added approximately 1,600 premises to the project. “With this accomplishment, our GVTC GigaRegion partners of Bulverde, Gonzales and Boerne are all-fiber cities,...Learn More

Comcast Wireless Plans Confirmed, Details to Come

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts confirmed that Comcast wireless plans are definitely in play, with a wireless service from the broadband and entertainment conglomerate expected sometime in 2017. Responding to questions at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference today, Comcast’s CEO offered more insight into Comcast wireless plans. “[T]he team of well over 150 people today are...Learn More

AT&T Touts New Transformative Broadband Experience with AirGig Technology

AT&T Labs introduced new AirGig technology today, that AT&T claims can bring wireless multi-gigabit speeds, using a hybrid powerline-wireless technology. The technology has both fixed and mobile applications, with potentially disruptive urban and rural applications. “Project AirGig has tremendous potential to transform internet access globally – well beyond our current broadband footprint and not just...Learn More

AT&T Says Goodbye to U-verse

AT&T is phasing out the U-verse brand in favor of a simpler approach to its products. AT&T Internet and AT&T Phone will replace U-verse Internet and phone. AT&T has already implemented a shift away from U-verse TV to its Directv brand for video, and there are rumors that Directv won’t survive over the long term...Learn More