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Add Nickelodeon OTT to the Growing List of Broadband Delivered OTT Channels

The list of mainstream traditional programming that will become available direct-to-consumer, without the need of a pay-TV subscription is growing. The popular children’s channel Nickelodeon is the latest to join this list, which also includes HBO, CBS, Showtime, Univison, and others. These moves illustrate a rapidly evolving pay-TV industry, creating more questions than answers regarding...Learn More

Google Fiber Expansion is Here, Four Additional Markets on Tap

Google will announce this week Google Fiber expansion plans to four additional markets, according to numerous reports, including the Wall Street Journal. The markets are all in the Southeast and include Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh. Google has not formally confirmed these reports, but has scheduled media events in all four cities. These four new...Learn More

First Cable Wi-Fi Mobile Service, Freewheel, Will Challenge Mobile Industry

The cable industry has long embraced Wi-Fi as a competitive differentiator. New York based Cablevision was an early pioneer in cable Wi-Fi, and they are once again out in front with Freewheel, the first cable Wi-Fi based mobile phone service. Freewheel could be a sign of things to come from the entire cable industry, who...Learn More

Smithville Communications and City of Jasper Embark on Gigabit Public-Private Partnership

There is a land rush of sorts underway to create gigabit capabilities for towns and cities across the country. Rightly or wrongly, government and economic development leaders are quickly equating economic development and community competitiveness with the ability to offer gigabit services. It’s the so called Gigabit Cities movement. Many of these localities are venturing out on...Learn More

Broadband-Only Homes are Growing and Important, But Actual Numbers are Elusive

Broadband-only homes, defined as homes without a traditional subscription pay-TV service in this context, are a major focus these days. But exactly how many of them exist? When discussing the launch of their upcoming OTT channel, HBO CEO Richard Plepler cited 10 million broadband only homes as the initial target. Nielsen on the other hand, sees a much smaller...Learn More

DISH OTT Offer, Sling TV, Uses Sports for Cord Cutter Bait

The OTT video landscape changed significantly this week when DISH finally unveiled their long talked about OTT offer, Sling TV. The OTT offer is targeting cord cutters and cord neverers with a new video product that is helping shape a rapidly changing video business marketplace. It’s interesting that this new twist on TV is coming...Learn More

Gigabit Services: Who Has the Inside Track – Google, Telcos, Municipals, or Cable?

The rise of Gigabit services has attracted a wealth of interest from broadband service providers of all types, both old and new. The movement began with municipal provider EPB of Chattanooga with their Chattanooga Gig initiative. Since then, Gigabit action has come from large tier 1 carriers like AT&T and Cox, to a number of...Learn More

DISH-Netflix Integration Illustrates Growing Influence of Netflix

DISH Network is the latest, and largest to date, video service provider to integrate Netflix into their channel line-up. Other service providers have also made this move, but until now, it’s been limited to regional cable MSOs who use the TiVo or ARRIS STB platforms. DISH will integrate Netflix into their Hopper DVR platform. The...Learn More

Gigabit or GigaWhat? There is Work to Do Regarding Ultra-Broadband Services

Many prevailing questions regarding the Gigabit services trend revolve around consumer perception and acceptance. Do prospective customers want Gigabit services? Do they really understand what Gigabit can do for them? What are they willing to pay for it? In partnership with Pivot Group, we recently published some market research that examines these issues, entitled GigaWhat?...Learn More

Cable Industry Preps Its Gigabit Future, DOCSIS 3.1 Interoperability Passes First Test

The cable industry has watched the telco and municipal industry leverage the Gigabit Internet trend for great visibility and PR value. In some ways Gigabit and other FTTH products (Verizon FiOS for example) have skewed the perception of broadband speed king – a title that the DOCSIS technology helped the cable industry secure, but may...Learn More

Latest Verizon Netflix Bundle Includes HBO, Showtime, and 50 Mbps FiOS

Count Verizon in as the latest service provider to leverage the popularity of Netflix for their own gain. They are featuring Netflix in a new $60 month bundle. It’s quite the interesting relationship, considering the very public spat Verizon and Netflix had regarding the quality of Netflix video streaming across Verizon’s network just six months...Learn More

Ambitious Midcontinent Communications Gigabit Plan for the Northern Plains Region Revealed

Regional cable MSO Midcontinent Communications (Midco) plans to bring gigabit service to the Northern Plains region, eventually covering approximately 600K homes and 55K businesses with ultra-broadband services. Midco’s Gigabit Frontier Initiative outlines plans to upgrade their network in hundreds of communities across South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota, starting in 2015. Midco joins a growing...Learn More