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Latest Verizon Netflix Bundle Includes HBO, Showtime, and 50 Mbps FiOS

Count Verizon in as the latest service provider to leverage the popularity of Netflix for their own gain. They are featuring Netflix in a new $60 month bundle. It’s quite the interesting relationship, considering the very public spat Verizon and Netflix had regarding the quality of Netflix video streaming across Verizon’s network just six months...Learn More

Ambitious Midcontinent Communications Gigabit Plan for the Northern Plains Region Revealed

Regional cable MSO Midcontinent Communications (Midco) plans to bring gigabit service to the Northern Plains region, eventually covering approximately 600K homes and 55K businesses with ultra-broadband services. Midco’s Gigabit Frontier Initiative outlines plans to upgrade their network in hundreds of communities across South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota, starting in 2015. Midco joins a growing...Learn More

Details Revealed Regarding Sony OTT Video Package

We’ve known for some time that Sony has been busy building an OTT video product that they hope will rival traditional pay-TV packages. We now have much more detail regarding these efforts. Sony will begin testing the service this month and plans a staggered roll out over the coming months. Both the New York Times and...Learn More

Google Fiber for Small Business is Poised to Disrupt the SMB Internet Access Business

The market for Internet access for small and medium business (SMB) just got a lot more interesting. Google Fiber has officially launched a business services package of gigabit fiber access to small business customers for $100 per month. The Google Fiber Early Access Program launched in select Kansas City fiberhoods this week. Google initially targeted...Learn More

Add Showtime OTT to Growing Streaming Content Availability

It was just a matter of time before Showtime joined the growing list of content options embracing OTT delivery, considering HBO tipped their OTT hand  a couple of weeks ago. CBS (parent company of Showtime) CEO Les Moonves revealed the Showtime move during an earnings conference call yesterday. As with HBO, the details regarding the...Learn More

Google Fiber Opts Out, AT&T Steps In

Leawood, Kansas is an example of the interesting competitive dynamics forming around gigabit Internet and AT&T versus Google. Google recently decided to opt out of an agreement to build Google Fiber in the Kansas community and AT&T has now come in behind them and agreed to fill the gigabit void with their U-verse Gigapower service....Learn More

Atlantic Broadband Doubles Down on Netflix Promotions

The old adage ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ may be part of the thinking for a growing number of service providers who are featuring Netflix promotions for both broadband and video offers. The online streaming giant, with over 50 million customers globally, consumes massive amounts of bandwidth and broadband and video service providers...Learn More

NISC: Time Has Never Been Better for Telecom and Power Utility Industries to Partner

Broadband and IP networks have transformed the telecom industry and that same impact is now being felt with the electric power industry as well. Power utility companies are embracing the trend thanks to new technologies like the smart grid and “virtualizing power.” Many electric utilities see an opportunity in providing broadband services as well. This...Learn More

CBS OTT Channel, CBS All Access, Includes Live TV From Local Affiliates

Add CBS to the growing list of traditional media companies who are now embracing OTT distribution of their content. CBS All Access is a new subscription based OTT offer that features live and on-demand programming. Included in the offer is a live feed of the local CBS affiliate, although that feature is only available in...Learn More

Video Business is in Significant Transition with Important Implications

There are no shortage of issues faced by video service providers, some of which are fundamentally changing the business model for pay-TV. Rising programming costs, changing program access rules, and a shift to broadband delivered distribution are just a few. We interviewed Rich Fickle, CEO of the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), Matt Polka, CEO...Learn More

HBO OTT Channel to Launch in 2015

Perhaps we’re seeing a tipping point in OTT video with news that HBO will launch a HBO OTT channel in 2015 that is not tied to a pay-TV subscription. The details are very few right now, but HBO chairman and CEO Richard Plepler announced the move at HBO’s parent company Time Warner’s investment meeting in...Learn More

C Spire Shares Important Initial Gigabit Lessons Learned

One of the more interesting examples of a Gigabit service launch is C Spire. Historically a regional wireless company in the Southeast U.S., C Spire recently began an ambitious ‘Silicon South’ Gigabit services launch in the state of Mississippi. Jared Baumann, manager of consumer fiber market development and deployment for C Spire recently participated on...Learn More