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Verizon Goes OTT with HBO Now

Verizon just became the largest broadband provider to offer HBO’s OTT channel HBO NOW. Verizon’s broadband subscribers can access the OTT channel immediately, and some version of it will soon be made available to Verizon’s 100 million wireless subscribers. The move illustrates the rapidly evolving digital media space and the ascension of direct access to...Learn More

OTT: A Net Neutrality Can of Worms?

As OTT distribution of video continues to multiply, video and broadband service providers must navigate shifting net neutrality regulations, which are subject to multiple interpretations. Operational strategies like caching, peering, and content delivery networks (CDNs) complicate the net neutrality and open Internet debate, leaving service providers guessing. Jimmy Todd, CEO of Kansas based regional provider...Learn More

TIS: All Paths Lead to OTT, IP Video

Independent cable operators met this week in Boston at NCTC’s annual The Independent Show (TIS), and a growing sense of urgency was on display. That urgency involves correctly positioning a small cable company in a fast changing market, where the historical core service of video delivery is in flux. Both the technology and business rules...Learn More

Creating Business Value Out of Local Content Channels

Many video service providers have long offered local content channels, featuring local events, local sports, and special interest stories. The model for providing local content is evolving and many companies are now looking to their local content channels to deliver more than just interesting content for the local community and creating differentiation over competitors –...Learn More

Roku Looks to Expand Service Provider Partnerships for Streaming and OTT

Roku may well be the most familiar streaming OTT device to consumers, thanks in large part to an aggressive retail strategy. But Roku is also now turning their attention to service provider partnerships to help place Roku devices in consumer homes. At Telecompetitor’s recent broadbandTV event, Roku vice president for pay TV, Andrew Ferrone outlined...Learn More

Comcast Makes Gigabit Progress, Reveals Gigabit Pro Pricing

Comcast is starting to reveal details about its Gigabit Pro service, which will provide symmetrical 2 Gbps service in a select, but growing set of markets. Comcast has been particularly quiet about details of the FTTH based service. They just launched a website with more details about the service. Some markets are now beginning to...Learn More

Content Rights Continue to Be Biggest Obstacle to Broadband TV Momentum

Broadband and video service providers alike are increasingly looking to streaming content services as a viable video service option. We characterize these growing streaming video services as broadband TV. They may involve OTT type services, or could be streaming video across a closed managed broadband network, not unlike traditional IPTV. What broadband TV brings to...Learn More

Comcast OTT Offer Xfinity Stream Adds OTT to Comcast Broadband

Comcast broadband customers will soon be able to add an OTT offer to their Internet subscription, with no requirement for a traditional video service subscription. The service will feature a limited channel line-up, access to on-demand content, and a cloud DVR. The move appears to be targeting ‘cord neverers,’ or younger subscribers who wouldn’t have...Learn More

OTT Unicast Video is Helping Drive the Case for Technology

+ technology promises to deliver ultra-broadband capabilities over existing copper infrastructure to the home and business. The explosion in video consumption, particularly OTT video delivered in a unicast fashion to individual subscribers, is helping make the case for telcos to take a look at for scenarios where leveraging existing copper is desirable. At Telecompetitor’s...Learn More

What Does AOL Really Mean for Verizon?

Verizon sees tremendous content monetization capabilities coming from its recent AOL acquisition, according to Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) Chief Product Officer Ted Middleton. In addition to generating a lot of quality content, AOL brings great technology for content monetization, which Verizon intends to leverage across several fronts. “People are looking for new and interesting...Learn More

Verizon Positioning to Enable OTT Services with Verizon Digital Media Services

Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) is a content delivery network (CDN) unit within Verizon, formed through a series of past acquisitions. VDMS works with content publishers and broadcasters to distribute their content throughout the world, currently delivering over 150 million hours of streamed content per month. As OTT video continues to gain traction, Verizon is...Learn More

Wireless ISP Vivint Pushes Wireless 100 Mbps Broadband for $60/month

Vivint, a provider of smart home technology, is pushing their way into the broadband Internet access business with a  fixed wireless Internet product that promises symmetrical 100 Mbps. The offer is delivered via a unique hybrid wireless solution, using both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Vivint already claims 15,000 wireless Internet customers in San Antonio and...Learn More