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ZoneTV: OTT Content Integration is Key to Pay-TV Success

In order to adapt to the changing pay-TV landscape, operators must embrace OTT content integration with the traditional channel line-up, says ZoneTV CEO Jeff Weber. Weber made his comments at Telecompetitor’s recent broadbandTV event. Weber, who has a long history in the video business, having run AT&T’s U-verse TV business unit at one time, stressed...Learn More

Rise of OTT Introduces Growing Number of OTT Video Platforms

As OTT continues to soar, the number of OTT video platforms for operators does as well. Telecompetitor’s broadbandTV event brought together several OTT platform providers to discuss the varying ways of delivering video in an OTT world. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida based ONE CONNXT  has a long history in the IP video distribution business and...Learn More

With Wireless ISP Acquisition, Google Fiber Wireless Intentions Becoming More Clear

There has been growing speculation regarding intentions for a Google Fiber wireless service to deliver gigabit via fixed wireless in recent weeks. Today’s acquisition of wireless ISP Webpass by Google Fiber offers some clarity to that speculation. Google Fiber is getting into the fixed wireless business, perhaps in a big way. Webpass is a San...Learn More Aims to Provide Plug-and-Play Gigabit Home Networking

One common challenge in today’s emerging gigabit broadband environment is extending that ultra-broadband experience throughout the home through gigabit home networking. After all, what good is ultra-broadband service if it only makes it to the side of the home? Enter, which aims to leverage existing home wiring, including in-home powerline wiring, to establish a...Learn More

Skinny Bundles, OTT Upset the Programming Landscape for Pay-TV

Video operators are seeing dynamic change in the pay-TV marketplace as consumers embrace skinny bundles, OTT, and other emerging video products. That was one conclusion from Telecompetitor’s recent broadbandTV event. Madeleine Forrer, Vice President of Video Services for NRTC and Stewart Myers, VP of Programming for NCTC led a discussion on skinny bundles which quickly...Learn More

Frontier: Excited at the Prospects of DSL and IPTV

Frontier just completed a $10.5 billion transaction for Verizon wireline assets which included significant FiOS FTTP assets, but Frontier is equally excited about the future of DSL and IPTV, says Frontier EVP and General Counsel Mark Nielsen. Frontier is a true believer in the long term prospects of wireline based broadband and video. “That’s our...Learn More

Onvoy Buys ANPI to Build Scale and Acquire Additional Capabilities

In what is an industry-wide trend, Minnesota based Onvoy buys ANPi to build scale and improve capabilities. The combined company will create a significant ‘carrier’s carrier,’ bringing together two networks with extensive reach into the North American service provider market. Both companies have deep roots in the RLEC/ILEC community, providing wholesale carrier services and other...Learn More

U.S. Cellular Network Now a Part of Google MVNO Project Fi

The underlying network of the nation’s 5th largest wireless carrier will become available for Project Fi, the Google MVNO that aims to disrupt the mobile carrier industry. U.S. Cellular joins T-Mobile and Sprint as underlying carriers for the Google MVNO project. Project Fi, first launched in April 2015, provides a hybrid WiFi-Cellular platform that utilizes...Learn More

Changing Mobile Trends as Connected Car Net Adds Outpace Smartphone Net Adds

An interesting mobile industry data point of note happened in Q1 2016, when new connected car net adds outpaced smartphone net adds, according to data from industry analyst Chetan Sharma. The trend illustrates shifting trends in mobile, as smartphone penetration nears saturation in the U.S. Sharma follows the industry closely with his recurring mobile market...Learn More

Will 5G Enable Wireless Replacement of Home Broadband and Disrupt FTTH?

Ever since the advent of 3G wireless, there’s been debate as to whether significant wireless replacement of home broadband service is possible. After all, wireless replacement of home voice service helped decimate the pure wireline voice business for many carriers. Will the same happen for home broadband and put ongoing FTTH investment at risk? The...Learn More

Telco Network Transformation: Just Don’t Mess Up the Revenue Thing

Telco network transformation is a popular topic in today’s industry circles. Conventional wisdom says all telcos are in some form of transformation mode, moving from a hardware-based TDM legacy to a software-based IP future. But there’s a lot to think about regarding this transition, with the revenue implications key among them. Telco network transformation is...Learn More

New Netflix Speed Test,, Provides Simple Broadband Speed Analysis

A new Netflix speed test offers a very simple way to test your current broadband speed connection. By visiting, users get a very simple read out of their current Internet connection. The test works for both fixed and mobile connections. “Like the cellular data controls we recently introduced, is another tool consumers can...Learn More