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Municipal Broadband: Signs of Desperation?

There is a spirited debate within the broadband industry regarding the growing number of municipal governments and/or utilities getting into the broadband access business. There are passionate arguments with legitimate concerns on both sides of this debate. To get a better understanding of this issue, I attended this week’s 2015 Broadband Communities Summit in Austin,...Learn More

Netflix Subscriber Growth Results in 10 Billion Hours of Streaming Video in 1Q 2015

The Netflix train does not appear to be slowing down. In fact it may be accelerating. Their recent 1Q 2015 earnings report highlights over 60 million subscribers, with 40 million in the U.S. alone. All of those subscribers streamed 10 billion hours of video in 1Q 2015 alone. That’s a lot of bandwidth, and “…more...Learn More

Comcast Ups the Gigabit and FTTH Ante, Will Launch Comcast FTTH 2 Gigabit Service

Comcast is slated to become a major player in FTTH and Gigabit Internet. They also appear to be looking past the argument of whether 1 Gigabit service is too much bandwidth for residential subscribers. They are looking to take the residential broadband speed crown with the announcement of the pending launch of Gigabit Pro, which...Learn More

With Frontier 2Fast, Frontier Takes on Cable with Symmetrical Broadband Tiers

In today’s broadband wars, symmetrical broadband, or the same download and upload speeds, has been a weapon used by fiber based broadband providers over their cable competitors. Verizon has used it effectively with FiOS. You can now add Frontier, who has unveiled their 2Fast symmetrical broadband tier in Washington and Oregon markets.  The service will...Learn More

Add Salt Lake City to the Google Fiber Footprint, Takes on CenturyLink

Google announced Salt Lake City as their latest Google Fiber city today. Salt Lake City joins Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh as Google Fiber expansion cities. Google Fiber is already up and running in Austin, Kansas City, and Provo, Utah. “We’re looking forward to seeing Salt Lake residents use gigabit Internet to spark creative ideas,...Learn More

With New Skype for Business, Microsoft Set to Compete With Hosted PBX, UC

News from Microsoft illustrates a changing competitive environment. In this environment, a software company like Microsoft can more easily compete with a telecom carrier for hosted PBX or unified communications (UC) services. And that’s exactly what Microsoft intends to do with the new Skype for Business. Companies have had the ability to use Skype as...Learn More

Another Day, Another Streaming OTT Option – Today it’s PlayStation Vue

Sony took the wraps off its streaming OTT service today, PlayStation Vue, making it available in three markets, including Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. The latest OTT entrant will offer a streaming OTT channel line-up and VOD content for packages ranging from $50 to $70 per month. Sony joins Sling TV with an OTT streaming alternative...Learn More

While Sling TV Beefs up Streaming Content, Apple OTT Rumors Persist

By the end of 2015, we may have three OTT streaming services offering real alternatives to the traditional pay-TV model. Sling TV was first out of the gate and rumors about a looming Apple OTT streaming service persist, with the Wall Street Journal adding fuel to that rumor fire yesterday. Add the pending Sony OTT...Learn More

Rural Gigabit Certification is Next Chapter for Rural Smart Community Program

This week at the Rural Telecom Industry Meeting and Expo, NTCA previewed the latest chapter of their Smart Rural Community program. The initiative intends to add a Gigabit community certification program to this rural broadband program, which aims to foster economic and community development activity tied to the rural broadband networks built and maintained by...Learn More

Rapidly Changing OTT Video Keeps Traditional Service Providers Interested

Several recent developments in OTT video highlight the quickly changing nature of the TV business. These developments include more content for Sling TV, new news on the upcoming HBO OTT channel, and a new approach by NBCUniversal for OTT content. These and other developments have traditional video service providers and broadband carriers debating their role...Learn More

Frontier TiVo Deal Features OTT, Helps Blur the Lines Between Broadband and TV

Broadband service providers continue to look for ways to leverage TV and video services, blurring the traditional lines of what it means to be a TV provider. A combination of the growing availability of compelling content via OTT delivery and faster video enabling broadband services is redefining what it means to be a video service...Learn More

With the fring Alliance, Genband Hopes to Empower Carriers to Play in OTT World

Over-the-Top (OTT) services like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and others have long ridden communications service providers’ (CSPs) networks to reach end consumers with interactive communications applications. In so doing, they have cut into CSPs’ profits by lowering usage for text messaging, voice calls, conference calling, and other traditional CSP services. By one measure, OTT providers cost...Learn More