TDS Cable Broadband Upgrades Continue, 600 Mbps Broadband Coming to More Markets

An additional five markets will see TDS cable broadband upgrades, bringing 300 Mbps and 600 Mbps tiers to communities in Texas and Colorado, the company announced yesterday. The upgrades are part of a broader strategy by TDS to improve broadband speeds in their cable properties....Learn More

TDS Plans Another Out-of-Market Fiber Deployment

TDS Telecommunications said it will build a fiber network supporting gigabit service in the village of DeForest, Wis. The TDS fiber deployment is not in TDS’s traditional local exchange carrier territory, a TDS spokesperson told Telecompetitor. TDS Fiber Deployment TDS plans for DeForest include providing...Learn More

TDS Gets Aggressive, Plans to Overbuild Charter, Frontier with Fiber Broadband

TDS is flexing some fiber broadband muscle, with announcements today that the carrier intends to overbuild two Wisconsin communities with fiber. Both communities, Oregon and McFarland, are suburbs of Madison, Wisc. and both are currently served by Frontier and Charter, according to a TDS spokesperson....Learn More

New BendBroadband 600 Mbps Tier Launched, Joins Other TDS Cable Broadband Upgrades

A new BendBroadband 600 Mbps broadband service was announced today by parent company TDS. The launch follows similar TDS cable broadband upgrades, which also feature 600 Mbps tiers. BendBroadband operates in central Oregon and was acquired by TDS back in 2014. TDS has since assembled...Learn More

TDS Begins Fiber-to-the-home Construction Project in Mesquite, Nevada

April 3, 2018 — TDS Telecom (TDS®) has kicked off construction of a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network in Mesquite. Construction on the network started in March and will reach at least 2,500 homes this year. TDS is investing millions with this FTTH project. TDS contractors are...Learn More

TDS Broadband Network Improvements Continue with Launch of 600 Mbps Tier

TDS broadband network improvements have enabled a new 600 Mbps broadband tier, now available in several markets across four states, the company announced late last week. The markets are located in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah and include St. George, Utah and Fort Collins,...Learn More

CFO: TDS Continuing to Eye Out-of-Market Expansion Through Fiber Overbuilds, Cable Acquisitions

TDS Telecom saw top-line wireline and cable growth rates of 1% and 10%, respectively, for 2017. Both of those numbers are above average – and according to TDS Telecom CFO Vicki Villacrez, TDS growth can be attributed, in large part, to the company’s ongoing investment...Learn More

TDS-Owned OneNeck Patents Data Center Sensors That Pinpoint Server Hotspots

OneNeck’s new vertically sweeping roaming robotic-sensor, designed to move up and down a closed server cabinet has been awarded a U.S. patent, the TDS data center subsidiary announced. During each vertical sweep, the OneNeck data center sensor assembly records the heat and humidity then generates...Learn More

New NY Broadband Funding Winners Include Frontier, Windstream, TDS, Hughes, Others

While Verizon’s $82 million funding was the big news from the recent New NY broadband funding announcement, other carriers also received funding for rural New York – including Frontier, Hughes Network Systems, TDS Telecom, Windstream and numerous smaller carriers. Funding also went to Fairpoint Communications,...Learn More

TDS Completes Acquisition of Merrimac Communications in Merrimac, Wis.

MADISON, Wis. (Feb. 1, 2018) — TDS Metrocom, LLC a subsidiary of TDS Telecom (TDS®), announces it has purchased the communications network and business operations of Merrimac Communications, Ltd. in Merrimac, Wis. TDS will immediately begin working to transition customers and planning improvements to the network, which passes...Learn More

CEO: We Don’t Need 5G for U.S. Cellular Fixed Wireless, LTE Will Work Just Fine

LTE will be a better choice than 5G for supporting fixed wireless service for U.S. Cellular, said U.S. Cellular CEO Ken Meyers, yesterday. U.S. Cellular fixed LTE is currently available in remote areas of Kansas and Nebraska, and the company expects to make more fixed...Learn More

CEO: Key Broadband Metrics Encourage Possible Expansion of TDS Fiber Deployment Plans

TDS fiber deployment plans may expand to areas of its local service territory where such deployments traditionally have been considered uneconomical, said Leroy T. Carlson Jr., TDS chief executive, at an investor conference yesterday. TDS also will consider fiber deployments in areas where other network...Learn More

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