Will 5G Enable Wireless Replacement of Home Broadband and Disrupt FTTH?

Ever since the advent of 3G wireless, there’s been debate as to whether significant wireless replacement of home broadband service is possible. After all, wireless replacement of home voice service helped decimate the pure wireline voice business for many carriers. Will the same happen for...Learn More

NPD Finds Strong Interest in Smart Home Voice Control

U.S. Internet users are increasingly turning to smartphones and voice command applications in order to control and otherwise make use of smart home devices and apps, according to the latest market research from The NPD Group Connected Intelligence ¨Connected Home Automation Report,¨ which found strong...Learn More

San Francisco Municipal Broadband Targets $26 Monthly Base Price

City officials have recommended construction of a San Francisco municipal broadband network based on a public-private partnership. The recommendations came in a 103-page report issued by the office of Supervisor Mark Farrell on March 15. According to the San Francisco Municipal Fiber Advisory Panel’s report...Learn More

Smartphone Voice Assistant Survey: Satisfaction Nears 50%

Use of smartphone conversational voice assistants, such as Apple’s Siri and OK Google appears to have reached a tipping point in 2015, according to smartphone voice assistant survey from MindMeld. Over half of voice assistant users (55%) in MindMeld’s January 2016 survey said they used...Learn More

Intent to Purchase Wearables: IDC Finds Function/ Fashion Gap

Tech savvy, highly social and style-conscious – that’s the basic profile of potential wearable device purchasers, according to new market research about intent to purchase wearables from IDC. Wearable tech developers have yet to strike the right combination of functionality and fashion that will prompt...Learn More

Report: Smart Home Satisfaction Hampered by Lack of Interoperability

Smart home satisfaction is hampered by a lack of interoperability, according to new research from Argus Insight. The market research company compiled more than 576,000 consumer smart home device and application reviews in producing the report titled ¨The Quest For An Intelligent Smart Home: Will...Learn More

Mobile Proximity Payment Forecast: Over 1 Billion Users by 2019

Ovum has issued a bullish mobile proximity payment forecast. The category is the smallest segment of the mobile payments market, but the fastest growing, the research firm notes. The number of people worldwide using near-field communications (NFC) and other mobile proximity technology will mushroom from...Learn More

Google Fiber Strategy Adapts, Any Market Could be Next

The Google Fiber strategy is adapting and expansion to any number of new markets appears to be on tap. Safe to say we really don’t know what their next move will be. Google announced they’ll be bringing Google Fiber to parts of San Francisco. Rather...Learn More

Sprint in on Worldwide Google RCS Initiative

Google has assembled a broad-based international group of wireless carriers in a bid to develop a global open and interoperable messaging service for Android devices. The mobile industry initiative aims to speed up the availability of Rich Communications Services (RCS), according to a press release...Learn More

Google Fiber: Fixed Wireless for Last Mile May be in Play

Building fiber-to-the-premise is hard, expensive, and time-consuming. Even for a company with vast resources like Google. The challenges multiply when you’re a competitive over-builder and your competition sees you coming.  Those competitors don’t exactly stand around and wait for you to cherry pick their customers...Learn More

With New Google Fiber 100 Mbps Tier, Google Hedges on Gigabit

A new Google Fiber 100 Mbps tier may shed some light on the competitive realities of the gigabit marketplace. Google is introducing this cheaper 100 Mbps offer for $50 in their forthcoming Atlanta market. This is the first sub-gigabit tier offered by Google Fiber, besides...Learn More

Google Fiber to Provide Free Gigabit Broadband to Public Housing

Google announced a plan to provide free gigabit broadband to public housing, starting in its Kansas City market. The initiative is a part of the broader ConnectHome project, launched by the White House and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development back in July 2015....Learn More