xfinity_mobileXfinity mobile’s pricing strategy is stealing customers from all major carriers, according to a new study from Market Strategies International, which also declares the Comcast quad play “firmly rooted,” thanks to Xfinity mobile.

The new report finds that almost 60% of current Xfinity mobile customers said they switched because of the better deal, while an additional 27% cited the better deal and dissatisfaction with their previous provider as the reasons for switching.

According to this research, Verizon has suffered the most, with 27% of Xfinity Mobile subscribers having left the carrier in favor of the new wireless service from Comcast. Among the national four wireless carriers, T-Mobile appears impacted the least, with 6% of Xfinity Mobile subscribers identifying them as their previous carrier.

We reported this year that Xfinity mobile was doing a good job attracting customers, though the ramp up was expensive for parent company Comcast in the early going.

Even though those costs continued to be a drag on earnings in the first quarter of 2018, company officials were still upbeat about prospects, we reported last month.

Comcast Quad Play
The Market Strategies study looks at the success and competitive threat of cable companies offering wireless service. According to the research firm, Comcast’s “quad play” (internet, television, telephone and wireless services) is paying off, both as a wireless service and as a tool that enhances Comcast’s core Xfinity Internet and TV businesses.

The study also shows that once consumers are exposed to Xfinity Mobile’s plan, they indicated that they are somewhat more willing to make the switch to Xfinity Mobile than when asked about their general attitudes about switching. This is particularly true for consumers who have been with their current provider for a shorter period of time.

comcast quad play
Source: Market Strategies

“What makes Xfinity Mobile’s success compelling is that current customers are very happy with the service and are willing to recommend it to other consumers,” said Market Strategies telecom division managing director Paul Hartley in a prepared statement. “Its Net Promoter Score, based on a likelihood to recommend, easily beat other competitors with a tremendous score of +59, which is practically unheard of in the wireless industry and demonstrates the impact Xfinity Mobile is having.”

“In the telecom industry, the importance of a quad play strategy cannot be understated from a customer experience standpoint,” added study author Jeffrey Johnson, market strategies director of research and consulting, in a prepared statement. “Consumers that sign up for multiple services are more valuable for the company. Our research shows that Comcast is now firmly rooted in quad play—a space that only AT&T and Verizon have successfully dominated in the past.”

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