Rise Broadband Aims for 50 Mbps Broadband with LTE Fixed Wireless

Rise Broadband, the company formerly known as JAB Broadband that is playing the role of broadband wireless consolidator, said yesterday that it plans to deploy fixed broadband wireless equipment based on LTE, beginning initially in the Joplin, Missouri area. “What we get is a much...Learn More

Is Rise Broadband the New Carrier of Last Resort?

Rise Broadband issued a press release yesterday touting the $16.9 million it will receive through the FCC rural broadband experiment program.  The company plans to use broadband wireless to bring broadband to areas in price cap territories in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas –...Learn More

FCC Expands TV White Spaces Spectrum

Wireless Internet service providers that use TV white spaces technology to provide broadband service to rural areas should be able to operate in some additional spectrum bands as the result of FCC action yesterday – although the WISPs also are likely to lose some current...Learn More

Wireless ISP Vivint Pushes Wireless 100 Mbps Broadband for $60/month

Vivint, a provider of smart home technology, is pushing their way into the broadband Internet access business with a  fixed wireless Internet product that promises symmetrical 100 Mbps. The offer is delivered via a unique hybrid wireless solution, using both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Vivint...Learn More

Consolidated Electric Cooperative Offers Gigabit to Schools

Ohio’s Consolidated Electric Cooperative is one of a growing number of electric companies that have undertaken the task of deploying broadband where it wasn’t previously available or was available only at a high cost. Consolidated’s approach to broadband is different from that of some other...Learn More

JAB Broadband Re-Brands Acquired Wireless ISPs Under Rise Name

May 15, 2015 — DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rise Broadband is the new brand name for JAB Broadband – the nation’s leading fixed wireless Internet service provider – and its five divisions which offer Internet and phone service to rural and suburban areas throughout 15 states in the...Learn More

Florida ISP Uses Dark Fiber to Boost Bandwidth, Lower Costs

Florida-based Internet service provider Joytel expects to expand service and offer higher bandwidth and better pricing as the result of an agreement with Allied Fiber – the company that set out several years ago to build a nationwide dark fiber network and now has completed the portion...Learn More

Broadband Provider Associations Seek Stay of Title II Decision on Broadband

Five associations representing broadband service providers in two separate filings on Friday asked the FCC to stay its decision to reclassify broadband as a Title II telecommunications service. One filing came from the American Cable Association and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. The other...Learn More

FCC Rural Broadband Experiment Winners Include ILECs, WISPs, Others

The Federal Communications Commission has provisionally chosen nearly 40 entities to receive funding in the commission’s rural broadband experiment initiative. Among those chosen are 14 wireless ISPs, seven local telephone companies, four power companies and two cable companies. Other winners include competitive carriers that use...Learn More

Libraries Get Serious About TV White Spaces Broadband

A new partnership between the Wireless Internet Service Providers’ Association and the Gigabit Libraries Network aims to facilitate the deployment of TV white spaces (TVWS) broadband in libraries nationwide. “The WISP needs experience with TVWS and libraries offer an ideal demo site in their local...Learn More

Interview: Broadband Networks Buys Omnicity Out of Bankruptcy

Fixed broadband wireless provider Omnicity should gain a new lease on life, now that a new management team has purchased the bankrupt company. Broadband Networks, a company formed solely to purchase Omnicity, said this week that it will continue to operate the company, which serves...Learn More

CTO Interview: Behind Agile Networks’ Statewide Wireless Ohio Network

A statewide network under construction in Ohio aims to make broadband available to more than three million locations, including 100,000 homes that cannot currently get broadband – without relying on any funding from the broadband stimulus program or the Universal Service fund. “It’s all funded...Learn More