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Frontier CAF Investments Support Broadband Expansion to 140K+ Homes in Four States

Approximately 140K+ rural homes in across four states in the south have improved broadband access, due in part to Frontier CAF investments, the company reported yesterday. Impacted states include West Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee. With 134K homes, West Virginia saw the bulk...Learn More

Cable One Strategy of Leading with Broadband over Video Was the Right Choice, Says CEO Julie Laulis

Several years have passed since cable MSO Cable One made the decision to de-emphasize video and focus on broadband. The choice has proven to be a good one, said Cable One President and CEO Julie Laulis yesterday. The Cable One strategy choice to de-emphasize video...Learn More

Redzone Claims up to 400 Mbps Using Fixed Wireless Spectrum Aggregation, Eyes National Expansion

Wireless internet service provider and software developer Redzone says it has developed fixed wireless spectrum aggregation technology that can support broadband speeds of up to 400 Mbps per customer. The company uses a combination of 2.5 GHz spectrum in the educational broadband service (EBS) band...Learn More

FCC Halts Rural Phone Rate Hike

WASHINGTON, May 18, 2017 – The Federal Communications Commission today stopped a federally mandated rate increase for certain rural phone customers, pending review of an FCC policy known as the “rate floor.” The FCC froze the current minimum rate for local voice services at $18...Learn More

Carolina West Wireless Touts 600 MHz Spectrum Win

Carolina West Wireless issued a press release earlier this week detailing its winnings in the recent auction of broadcast spectrum in the 600 MHz band. The company bid a total of $10.2 million to win spectrum in 32 counties in western North Carolina and northeastern...Learn More

CEO: Great Plains Communications Sees International Opportunities

We were surprised to see Great Plains Communications exhibiting at International Telecoms Week in Chicago this week. The company operates a statewide Nebraska wholesale fiber network that also connects to several other cities in the central U.S., including Chicago, Denver, Des Moines, Kansas City, Minneapolis...Learn More

North State Consolidates Data Center, IT Subsidiaries, Pursues Cloud Strategy

Regional broadband carrier North State announced the formation of a new integrated Technology Solutions business unit that will pursue cloud and IT opportunities throughout the southeastern U.S. The new unit is formed from existing subsidiaries, including DataChambers and Stalwart Systems. “The formation of Technology Solutions...Learn More

AT&T Offers AirGig Update, Reiterates Upcoming Trials for Fiber Fronthaul/Backhaul Alternative

AT&T AirGig millimeter wave broadband technology provides better propagation than traditional point-to-point wireless options because it uses wave guide technology, said Bill Hogg, president of technology operations at AT&T, today. Developed by AT&T, AirGig is designed to be deployed on the same pole infrastructure as...Learn More

NeoNova Acquires API Digital, Adds 24×7 NOC Services

North Carolina based NeoNova announced the acquisition of Alabama based API Digital Services today. The addition of API Digital will bring 24x7x365 NOC services to NeoNova, a provider of network management and professional services to the rural ISP community. API Digital was founded in 1999...Learn More

Gigabit Opportunity Act Would Use Tax Breaks to Spur Broadband Deployment

Introduced by Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R–W.Va.) yesterday, the Gigabit Opportunity Act, also known as the GO Act, aims to spur gigabit broadband deployment by using a range of tax breaks. In a statement, Capito said the GO Act “gives states flexibility, streamlines existing regulations...Learn More

Cellcom 600 MHz License Wins Positions Carrier for Mobile Broadband Expansion, IoT

Regional rural wireless carrier Cellcom confirmed Friday that it was a winning bidder for seven licenses in the 600 MHz auction. The Cellcom 600 MHz wins include five markets in rural Wisconsin and upper Michigan. The FCC released a list of winning 600 MHz auction...Learn More

Michigan County Inventories Structures for Rural Wireless Antennas

Silos, water towers, barns and other tall structures throughout rural Ogemaw County, Michigan are now documented in a database aimed at making it easier for internet service providers (ISPs) interested in serving the area to determine where they could locate rural wireless antennas and other...Learn More

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