FirstNet Gains All 50 States After All

The national public safety network framework has now been solidified, with all 50 states opting in to FirstNet, the public-private partnership effort between AT&T and the U.S. Department of Commerce. FirstNet will build an interoperable $46 billion wireless broadband network for public safety use. Individual...Learn More

New Hampshire FirstNet Opt Out is a Strike Against AT&T

The New Hampshire FirstNet opt out decision announced today will leave at least one state out of AT&T’s plan to build a nationwide mobile broadband public safety network. Thirty-five states and territories have chosen AT&T to build their FirstNet public safety network and until now,...Learn More

Rivada Conditionally Wins Colorado Public Safety Network Contract

November 28, 2017 — COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rivada Networks and Macquarie Capital announced today they will jointly pursue opt-out state contracts under the FirstNet legislation. The first initiative of this alliance is a conditional award from the State of Colorado to build out its public-safety broadband...Learn More

FirstNet Rural Build Out Opportunities, State Opt Out Controversy Outlined Before Congress

A Congressional hearing today brought some clarity to open issues regarding the FirstNet public safety network, including FirstNet rural service provider opportunities, as well as interoperability and opt out issues. Interoperability issues pertain to two different aspects of the network, including the radio access network...Learn More

FirstNet Opt Out: With Accusations Flying, AT&T and FirstNet Respond

As roughly half of U.S. states consider a FirstNet opt out or opt in decision, considerable confusion has arisen about states’ options – confusion resulting, some say, from pressure tactics applied by FirstNet, the government entity created to administer the nationwide mobile broadband public safety...Learn More

AT&T Challenger Lays Out Advantages of FirstNet Opt Out; 18 States in Play

Executives at Rivada Networks are trying hard to get states to use their company, rather than AT&T, to build statewide mobile broadband public safety networks that would interoperate with the FirstNet network that AT&T will be building in at least 27 states and territories. Several...Learn More

Three More States Opt In to FirstNet Public Safety Network

A total of 23 states or territories now have made the decision to opt in to FirstNet, the nationwide mobile broadband public safety network. Texas, Idaho and Maryland announced this week that they are joining in. “As we saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, our...Learn More

What Happens If a State Decides to Opt Out of FirstNet Plans from AT&T?

Rivada Networks and U.S. Cellular are the latest companies to challenge AT&T’s progress in gaining agreements to build a nationwide mobile broadband public safety network known as FirstNet. Just a few weeks after Verizon said it would build a core public safety network core in...Learn More

Verizon FirstNet Alternative Aims to Retain Company’s Public Safety Customers

Verizon said today that it will build a network core to support a nationwide mobile broadband service for public safety users. This would put it in competition with AT&T, which won a contract to build a nationwide public safety network dubbed FirstNet. The Verizon FirstNet...Learn More

Is a Verizon FirstNet Plan in the Works? FCC Letter Seeks Clarification

When the Commerce Department earlier this year awarded the contract to build the FirstNet nationwide mobile broadband public safety network to AT&T, it wasn’t a done deal for all 50 states. Individual states still must opt in (which at least five already have done) or...Learn More

FirstNet Apps Ecosystem is Key to Future Success and is Being Built on Three Pillars

Applications will be key to the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and the FirsNet Apps ecosystem is being built on three pillars. They include: developing a rich set of applications for public safety, ensuring that the applications developed for the network enhance public safety and...Learn More

FirstNet States Now Number Five

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), the nascent nationwide first responder LTE network, today announced that five states now have opted into the program. FirstNet states now include Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Virginia, and Wyoming. “Governors Hutchinson, Reynolds, Bevin, McAuliffe and Mead are taking critical steps...Learn More

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