Shentel MIMO Trial Yields Up to 5x Wireless Bandwidth Boost

A new technology known as massive MIMO has the potential to help urban and rural wireless carriers substantially improve the performance of current mobile infrastructure through an antenna change. In a recent Shentel MIMO trial in Woodstock, Va, the regional wireless carrier saw massive MIMO technology yield bandwidth gains of up to 20 times for...Learn More

Verizon Skyward Acquisition Could Support Rate Plans for Drones

Verizon announced this morning that Verizon Ventures, its venture capital group, has acquired Portland, Oregon-based unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAV, aka drone) specialist Skyward for an undisclosed amount. Skyward specializes in  operations management for drones, and the Verizon Skyward acquisition could help Verizon in provisioning rate plans for drones on its network. Verizon said the...Learn More

Anti-Municipal Broadband Legislation Progresses at State Level

Anti-municipal broadband bills are currently making their way through legislatures in at least two states, while efforts in a third state to reverse anti-municipal broadband legislation have stalled. In Virginia, the House of Delegates February 7 voted to pass HB 2108. And although the bill has gone through several iterations that have softened it somewhat,...Learn More

Fixed Wireless Forecast Calls for 30% Annual Growth, 151 Million Connections by 2022

Momentum in fixed wireless is strong and will only accelerate with 5G, leading to a fixed wireless forecast of 151 million connections by 2022. ABI Research predicts a 30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to achieve this forecast. Commercial 4G LTE networks are cropping up at a precedent-setting pace, while fiber-to-the home (FTTH), xDSL and...Learn More

RWA: Mobility Fund Phase II Could Leave Some Areas Without Service

Some rural areas could be left without wireless service if the FCC approves the latest proposal for the Connect America Mobility Fund Phase II, cautions the Rural Wireless Association. Some wireless carriers in high-cost rural areas currently receive funding through the traditional high-cost universal service fund, which also covers landline carriers, but moving forward the...Learn More

Cybersecurity Trends Data: Organizations Short-Handed Just as Threats Multiply

Public and private sector organizations find themselves short-handed even as the frequency and sophistication of attacks and threats rises, according to Crowd Research Partners’ 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report. Crowd Research Partners joined with 13 cybersecurity vendors to produce its latest annual report on cybersecurity trends, which covers threat management, data protection, cloud security, application security,...Learn More

Comcast Xfinity Stream Mobile App Enhances TV Everywhere Experience

Comcast announced the introduction of the Xfinity Stream mobile app, the successor to the Xfinity TV mobile app, coming later this month. The app is designed to provide Xfinity subscribers a mobile version of Comcast’s in-home “big screen” Xfinity X1 service to those both inside and outside the home at no extra cost. The new...Learn More

AT&T LTE-M Internet of Things Network to Be Nationwide by 2Q

AT&T said its LTE-M Internet of Things (IoT) network will be available nationwide by the end of second quarter. That’s ahead of schedule, the company said. The news follows successful testing with a pilot network launched in California in October. Since then AT&T has added an additional testing site in Columbus, Ohio. The company said...Learn More

Fiber Vs. Fixed 5G Report: Fiber More Economical in Rural Areas

Fixed 5G wireless is not a substitute for wireline broadband, argues telecom engineering and consulting firm Vantage Point Solutions in a technical paper filed with the FCC by NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association. Broadband delivery methods based on fiber to the premises (FTTP) generally are more economical in rural areas, according to the fiber...Learn More

Calix, Northpower Fibre Claim World’s First Live NG-PON2 Demo, Delivers Multi Wavelength 10 Gbps

A live NG-PON2 demo is taking place in New Zealand, delivering 10 Gbps connectivity across Northpower Fibre’s network, reports broadband access gear provider Calix.  This represents the first live demonstration of the next-generation FTTP technology on a commercial network in the world, according to the companies. Northpower Fibre is an open access provider of broadband...Learn More

AT&T Fiber Expansion Continues with Five Additional Markets Now on Tap

An ongoing AT&T Fiber expansion is well underway and will reach 51 major metro markets by the end of this month. Market launches for AT&T Fiber in the month of February will include Columbia, S.C.; Jackson, Miss.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Milwaukee, Wisc.; and Shreveport, La. AT&T’s fiber gigabit reach now includes 4 million households, of which...Learn More

TV Broadcast Spectrum Reverse Auction Yields $19.6B for 600 MHz Mobile Broadband Spectrum

The “clock phase” of the TV broadcast spectrum reverse auction was completed Friday, explained FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in a statement. A total of 84 MHz of spectrum will now be released into the broadband marketplace, Pai said. According to news reports, the total of winning bids came to $19.6 billion. The identities of wireless...Learn More