Image for FCC Officially Approves CenturyTel-Embarq Merger
Image for FCC Set to Approve CenturyTel-Embarq Merger
Image for Bye-Bye CenturyTel-EMBARQ – Hello CenturyLink
Image for CenturyTel: Only One Hurdle Remains for EMBARQ Merger
Image for CenturyTel: Only Two States to Go
Image for Rise of the Rural ‘Super’ Carrier
Image for Embarq Offers Managed IP Telephony Service
Image for Sprint May Outsource Network Operations
Image for Embarq Files Femtocell Patent
Image for States Approve CenturyTel-Embarq Merger
Image for Embarq Logistics Sold
Image for CenturyTel-Embarq Merger Gains Shareholder Approval

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