AT&T Data Center Sale Will Yield $1.1 Billion for Debt Paydown

AT&T said today that it will sell 31 data centers to Brookfield Infrastructure. The AT&T data center sale encompass 18 U.S. data centers and 13 data centers outside the U.S. Although today’s press release stopped short of describing the transaction as an outright data center...Learn More

Windstream CEO: We Are the Leader in SD-WAN

Windstream SD-WAN services have become increasingly strategic to the company in recent months. At an investor conference yesterday, Windstream CEO Tony Thomas went as far as saying “We are the leader in SD-WAN.” Windstream is in a different position with regard to SD-WAN than many...Learn More

Windstream 300 Mbps Broadband Coming to Cable Broadband Footprint

A new Windstream 300 Mbps broadband tier is being introduced across the carrier’s cable footprint in north Georgia, the company announced today. The upgrades will reach 67K households across 13 communities and will be completed within 12 months. The move is part of a broader...Learn More

CFO: Anchor Tenant Fiber Builds Yield Strong Growth for Uniti Group

Uniti Group, the telecom real estate investment trust (REIT) spun out from Windstream several years ago, has been doing a lot of targeted fiber builds since the spin-off. At an investor conference today, Windstream CFO, Executive Vice President and Treasurer Mark Wallace illustrated how the...Learn More

Windstream CEO: Broadband and DIRECTV NOW Bundle Should be Effective Competitive Weapon Against Cable

Windstream’s strategy for competing against cable companies will be based on a combination of Windstream broadband and other companies’ over-the-top (OTT) video offerings, said Windstream CEO Tony Thomas at an investor conference today. Asked about Windstream’s value proposition in the 50% of its local service...Learn More

Windstream Enterprise UCaaS Platform Upgraded

Windstream Enterprise has upgraded its Windstream Enterprise UCaaS Mitel platform, the company announced today. The platform offers a UC solution that integrates voice, multi-media, unified messaging, mobility and other services onto a single platform.   UCaaS capabilities now exceed those available from premises-based UC solutions,...Learn More

Windstream Invests $2 million in High-speed Internet Network in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky., May 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Windstream (Nasdaq:WIN), a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions, today announced an investment of $2 million in high-speed Kinetic Internet services for Lexington. With Kinetic Internet, Windstream is improving network speeds to approximately 30,000 households, bringing the number of households receiving...Learn More

Zayo Could Be Next Telecom REIT

Fiber network operator Zayo said it has completed the first phase of an investigation on the advisability and feasibility of a conversion to a real estate investment trust (REIT). The investigation indicated that the company likely has alternatives that would enable REIT conversion. If that...Learn More

Windstream: Bundling OTT Isn’t Helping Broadband, At Least Not Yet

Windstream reported their quarterly results today and cited a potential turn around in consumer broadband trends. Windstream has been losing broadband subscribers by the thousands each quarter, and earlier this year announced they would begin bundling OTT through a partnership with DIRECTV NOW to help...Learn More

Windstream Enterprise to Launch “Our Size Fits You” Campaign

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Windstream Enterprise, a leading provider of advanced network communications, will unveil its new “Our Size Fits You” campaign and discuss the company’s commitment to be pathfinders for partners through technological disruption at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2018...Learn More

Behind the T-Mobile $40 Million Rural Call Completion Settlement

T-Mobile has agreed to pay $40 million into the U.S. Treasury and has admitted to violating FCC call completion rules in rural areas. The T-Mobile rural call completion settlement also will require the company to establish a compliance plan. T-Mobile Rural Call Completion Settlement For...Learn More

Windstream MASS Communications Acquisition Valued at $37.5 Million

Windstream announced today it has acquired MASS Communications, a privately held New York-based company that Windstream referred to as a “telecommunications network management company.” The Windstream MASS Communications acquisition is valued at approximately $37.5 million in an all-cash transaction, or less than 4x trailing 12-month...Learn More

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