In a stunning development with massive implications for the U.S. market, Telecompetitor has learned that most fiber optics used in FTTH deployments since 2001 is flawed, with replacement probably required. Due to the impact to the nation’s communications network, the highest levels in government are now involved.

An insider tells us the majority of the glass used in the fiber optics in question, which was made in China, is ‘warped.’ “Operators will have to dig up and replace that glass,” says this insider with knowledge of the issue, but not authorized to speak publicly. The cost implications are in the tens of billions. “It’s dangerous. Light travelling on this warped glass could escape an ONT or a modem and burn or blind someone,” says the insider. Absolutely stunning news. You think Wall Street’s scrutiny of Verizon’s FiOS investment was tough before – just wait.

Makes you hope the FTTH providers in question didn’t cut the copper drop to the home. They’ll need to transition those customers back to copper while the fiber is replaced. The FCC has setup a hotline for companies to determine if their fiber is of the flawed persuasion: 1-888-2WARPED (1-888-292-7733). Good luck!

Update: Glad to see so many people having fun with this April Fools Day joke. I think our industry could use a laugh every once in a while. Hopefully this story brought you one.