OTT Net NeutralityAs OTT distribution of video continues to multiply, video and broadband service providers must navigate shifting net neutrality regulations, which are subject to multiple interpretations. Operational strategies like caching, peering, and content delivery networks (CDNs) complicate the net neutrality and open Internet debate, leaving service providers guessing.

Jimmy Todd, CEO of Kansas based regional provider Nex-Tech, shares some of these operational concerns in an interview (below) at Telecompetitor’s recent broadbandTV event. Todd participated on the ‘Creating a BroadbandTV Strategy in a Net Neutrality World’ panel, chaired by NRTC.

“We’ve got third party avenues that allow content to come to the local providers, you’ve got direct peering where you go to a CDN, you… generally are having [to] pay transport for that, but now you’re starting to see those edge providers bring the caching servers closer to the end user,” said Todd. “Does that in a sideways manner look like a prioritization?”

“We as providers, our concerns are, how far will it go,” said Todd. “For us, we want to be able to provide our customers the best possible experience.”

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One thought on “OTT: A Net Neutrality Can of Worms?

  1. Comcast Corp. (NASDAQ: CMCSA, CMCSK) now has a larger number of supporters taking its broadband administrations than its feature administrations. The link MSO (and proprietor of NBC/Universal) made the disclosure today as it reported consequences of its second monetary quarter, which finished June 30, 2015.

    The organization has been shedding feature endorsers because of expanded rivalry from both telco and ludicrous (OTT) administration suppliers. Comcast finished the quarter with roughly 22,306,000 feature supporters before the end of June, an abatement of just about 150,000 year-on-year. In any case, Comcast communicated fulfillment that it just lost 69,000 feature clients amid the quarter, 52% short of what it had lost in 2Q14. The organization portrayed the lower misfortune rate in a press discharge as "the best result for a moment quarter in nine years."

    On the other hand, the organization included 180,000 fast Internet clients amid the quarter. While that number did not level with the increases of the year-prior quarter, when Comcast increased around 203,000 new supporters, the outcome proceeded with the organization's broadband force.

    The countervailing patterns left Comcast with 22,306,000 feature endorsers and 22,548,000 Internet clients. Furthermore, in this manner the high quality TV supplier could be considered principally a broadband administrations and substance organization.

    Unless you're simply numbering the cash. Comcast said it determined $5.43 billion in income from feature amid 2Q15, contrasted and $3.1 billion from its more prominent number of Internet endorsers. Be that as it may, as anyone might expect, the income hole in the middle of feature and broadband has contracted marginally. For the initial six months of this current year, Comcast says it got in regards to $4.62 billion more from feature than Internet ($10.762 billion versus $6.145 billion). Over the initial six months of a year ago, the hole was $4.85 billion.

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