Rural Broadband Momentum Picks Up Steam as Flurry of Legislation Joins White House, FCC Initiatives

Rural broadband is receiving a lot of attention from policymakers these days on both the administrative and legislative fronts. A wide range of rural broadband legislation has been introduced in the House, and the Senate Broadband Caucus has sent a letter to President Trump urging...Learn More

FCC Poised to Reverse Net Neutrality, Title II Decisions

The FCC will vote next month on an order that would reverse Net Neutrality guidelines imposed in 2015 under the previous administration, senior commission officials told reporters today. The order also would reclassify broadband as a more lightly regulated Title I information service – reversing...Learn More

Netflix Wants FCC to Crack Down on Broadband Caps

Netflix is asking the FCC to establish a 10 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps upstream definition for mobile broadband and to consider the impact that broadband caps have on the deployment of advanced telecom capability. The OTT video provider made its comments in a filing pertaining...Learn More

Open-IX Pursues Lower-Reliability Edge Data Center Standards

At a time when some data center operators are trying to one-up each other on reliability, it might seem surprising to learn that open standards organization Open-IX is moving in the opposite direction. The organization is working on edge data center standards that would be...Learn More

Telecom IPX is Hot Topic at International Telecoms Week

Telecom IPX is a hot topic, as the results of a survey presented at International Telecoms Week in Chicago yesterday revealed. In a survey of global telecom wholesalers conducted by Capacity Media, 69% cited IP exchange (IPX) as a game changing technology that was on their company’s...Learn More

FCC Approval for Charter TWC Bright House Merger Received

FCC approval for Charter TWC Bright House merger plans, announced late Friday, means the deal could close soon. The only remaining hurdle is the California Public Utilities Commission, which is expected to vote to approve the deal this week. Charter’s plan to acquire Time Warner...Learn More

CenturyLink/ Cogent: If Free Peering is the Norm, What About VoIP Interconnection?

Updated November 30 with information from Cogent Press releases about IP interconnection agreements tend to be among the shortest ever written – and an announcement of an agreement between CenturyLink and Cogent today was no exception. The two-sentence release noted simply that the agreement “allows...Learn More

USA Fiber Exec Explains Dark Fiber Peering

Network operators soon will have a new option for connecting with other network operators at Internet exchange points in the Ashburn, Virginia area. USA Fiber is deploying a seven-mile dark fiber ring interconnecting 35 data centers that serve as common Internet peering points. “Each customer...Learn More

OTT: A Net Neutrality Can of Worms?

As OTT distribution of video continues to multiply, video and broadband service providers must navigate shifting net neutrality regulations, which are subject to multiple interpretations. Operational strategies like caching, peering, and content delivery networks (CDNs) complicate the net neutrality and open Internet debate, leaving service...Learn More

Comcast and Level 3 Deal: Another Peering Dispute Resolved

Another pair of former opponents has inked an Internet interconnection deal. According to a Comcast press release, Comcast and Level 3 Communications have reached a “multi-year bilateral interconnection agreement” that is part of a “multifaceted arrangement that will help both companies meet their customers’ needs...Learn More

EdgeConneX Brings Internet Content Closer to End Users

Content providers are moving content closer to end users to enhance network performance – and that could have added benefits for broadband providers serving markets outside the top nine from which content traditionally has been delivered. Since the end of 2014, data center operator EdgeConneX...Learn More

New Verizon Deals: Could Peering Disputes Be On the Way Out?

Three months after the FCC threatened closer oversight of Internet interconnection agreements as part of its Open Internet order, Verizon has reached traffic exchange agreements with two companies that previously were the focus of high-profile interconnection disputes. On April 23, Verizon noted in a corporate...Learn More

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