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C Spire 5G Wireless Service Offers 120 Mbps Fixed Wireless Broadband for $50

A new C Spire 5G fixed wireless service is being offered in select markets throughout the regional carrier’s Mississippi footprint.  While C Spire brands the service 5G, like other wireless carriers rushing to grab the 5G crown, this service does not use actual 3GPP 5G standards. This fixed wireless service is priced at $50/month and...Learn More

TDS Confidence in Video Business Continues with Move to TiVo for its Next Generation TV Platform

TDS will move to the TiVo platform for its next generation TV platform, bringing it to both its cable and IPTV operations across the country. The new TiVo platform will be featured with both existing and new video subscribers, the companies report. In addition to TiVo’s signature search and recommendation platform, their next generation TV...Learn More

CTIA: U.S. Mobile Usage Includes 1.5 Trillion Text Messages and 15.7 Trillion MBs of Data

CTIA released their latest research on U.S. mobile usage trends for 2017, and some of the numbers are staggering. Americans love their smartphones, and even though mobile data usage equates to 15.7 trillion MBs of data, they also still like to talk on their phones, with 2.2 trillion voice minutes used during 2017. There are...Learn More

TDS Announces Another Fiber Overbuild Market

TDS has spotted another fiber overbuild opportunity and will bring FTTH to the community of Windsor, Wis. the carrier announced yesterday. The move highlights an ongoing fiber overbuild strategy for the rural broadband carrier to opportunistically expand its broadband reach in several markets across the country. TDS plans to offer gigabit capable FTTH broadband service...Learn More

Higher Priced Premium Netflix on the Way?

A trial in some European markets for a premium Netflix subscription is creating speculation that the leading OTT provider may bring such an offer to the U.S. eventually. The premium offer, with pricing assumed to be at $16.99/month would be $3 more than Netflix’s current $13.99 premium offer. First identified by an Italian blog, and...Learn More

DIRECTV NOW is Latest OTT Streaming Service to Raise Pricing

One advantage OTT streaming video services like Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW have over traditional pay-TV services is lower cost. But for how long? These two providers, owned by DISH and AT&T respectively, are both raising their monthly subscription fees. For Sling TV, the hike is a steep 25%. DIRECTV NOW joins Sling TV with...Learn More

Charter Launches Spectrum Mobile, Closely Follows Xfinity Mobile Playbook

Charter unveiled Spectrum Mobile today, the cable MSO’s mobile wireless service. The move has been expected for some time. The new Wi-Fi first mobile service looks to be closely following the Xfinity Mobile model, which was also expected. Spectrum Mobile offers two plans: an unlimited data option for $45/month, or a by-the-gig approach for $14...Learn More

Latest Sling TV Enhancements Push Streaming Service Towards A La Carte TV Model

The pay-TV business continues to evolve, with video providers experimenting with new models in the hopes of finding the right mix that appeals to a very diverse audience of consumers. The latest attempt comes from Sling TV, who will now offer individual channel subscription options, among other new services. Sling TV will now make several...Learn More

AT&T Fiber Now Reaches 9 Million Locations, Fixed 5G Trials Also Underway

With the announcement of South Bend, Indiana as its latest AT&T fiber market, the carrier says they now reach 9 million locations. South Bend was also announced as a fixed 5G trial market, one of four, which leads to a bit of mixed messaging from the communications and media conglomerate. Availability of AT&T Fiber to...Learn More

TDS Cable Broadband Upgrades Continue, 600 Mbps Broadband Coming to More Markets

An additional five markets will see TDS cable broadband upgrades, bringing 300 Mbps and 600 Mbps tiers to communities in Texas and Colorado, the company announced yesterday. The upgrades are part of a broader strategy by TDS to improve broadband speeds in their cable properties. TDS has announced several cable broadband market upgrades in the...Learn More

As One OTT Service Suffers Outage, AT&T Launches New WatchTV $15 OTT Service

In the midst of suffering a major outage to their DIRECTV NOW OTT service, AT&T announced the official launch of AT&T WatchTV, a new skinny-bundle OTT service priced at $15. The latest OTT service from AT&T is also free with certain AT&T Unlimited wireless plans. WatchTV offers 30+ channels of linear video, plus about 15K...Learn More

Great Plains Communications Sold to Private Equity Firm

Regional carrier Great Plains Communications has entered into an agreement to be acquired by private equity firm Grain Management LLC. The transaction highlights ongoing interest in broadband and fiber carrier assets by private equity firms. Terms were not disclosed. Nebraska-based Great Plains Communications has its roots as a local telco, but like many other small...Learn More

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