Comcast, in its second move in a week to upgrade its Internet Essentials program, said that it is joining forces with Dell Technologies in support of the program.

Internet Essentials aims to confront the digital divide. Under the terms of the agreement, Dell will provide more than 2,500 free laptops to students, seniors, veterans and adults in need. The company also will fund upgrades to 15 computer labs at nonprofits across the country, including two senior centers in Houston.

“The research on the causes of the digital divide is very clear,” David L. Cohen, Comcast NBCUniversal’s Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer said in a press release. “One of those reasons is that many low-income households either do not own a laptop or cannot afford to buy one. As a result, this initiative with Dell Technologies will help us connect more households to the Internet at home so students can do their homework, parents can look for and apply for jobs, and veterans and seniors can keep in touch with friends and family who may be scattered around the world.”

The announcement will be made in Houston. While in the city, the companies will give laptops to 20 low-income veterans, 100 seniors, and 90 high school students at thePresinct2Gether East Harris County Activity Center and to 90 students in the Eight Million Stories program, which helps previously incarcerated youth obtain the skills and community connections needed to integrate back into society.

On Tuesday, Comcast announced what it says is the biggest expansion of the Internet Essentials program since it was formed. The move will add about 3 million households to its footprint. These include homes with residents with disabilities and low-income households.

The additional coverage will bring the number of households eligible for Internet Essentials to almost 7 million. Internet Essentials has connected more than 8 million people from 2 million households during the past eight years, including 600,000 in Texas, Comcast said.

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18 thoughts on “Dell Will Provide Computers for Comcast Internet Essentials Low-Income Program

  1. I would like to know is Dell still giving computers, for the low income disabled individuals
    Please please contact on behalf I’m extremely in need of a computer to help me to look for a job and rise above being low-income

    1. I would love to be able to take classes and Beeville more independent in this computer age. I truly feel that I could still be an asset, given the opportunity.

    2. I would like to get a computer for free or you work on for low incme computer. I am disabled and in school working on my high level of educational .

  2. I would like to know is Dell still giving computers, for the low income disabled individuals
    Please please contact on behalf I’m extremely in need of a computer to help me to look for a job and rise above being low-income

  3. Due to covid I lost my job partially fiasabled drawing ssa. I’m 67 I have been looking fo work. My Peuc unemployment stoped suddenly when FEMA ran out of funds and the 1200 per month is hard to make up.

    I moved to less expensive one bedroom. Applied for Treasury grant only helps with rent. My phone is hard to use when try to really work looking for jobs or applying for assistance. If al all possible I would love a chance at a laptop to work on.

  4. I would like to know if DELL is still offering free laptops/computers to internet essential customers. I can’t count how many times I have almost missed a deadline with my government assistance and other important documents due to only having a cheap government lifeline phone. If this free laptop/computer offer still stands it would take the headache of trying to make my phone a computer. Phones are phones and computers are computers. I don’t understand why they have to be combined and such a headache. Anywho please let me know asap. Thank you!

  5. I am on disability and have qualified for internet essentials I would love to know if Dell is still offering free computers thank you

  6. This message is for Dell. I’m Kenneth Bolliger and my son is in 3rd grade at Oak Harbor Elementary. I am a single father and I work full time trying to make it. I barely scrape from month to month and not against women cause my mom was a single mother with 6 kids so I have so much respect for them especially going through it myself but there is absolutely hardly any programs out there for the single father and when they hear you work full time they are done talking to you. I only make 15.75 an hour and like I said I barely cover our bills. We do have internet essentials through Xfinity and I am so great full for for their help in this economy that has been smashed into nothing and without Xfinity we wouldn’t have any internet so thank God for you Xfinity even know you can’t hear me. So there was a program to get a lap top for a pretty cheap price to go along with the internet essentials program I just couldn’t afford to get it but does that still exist and how much would a decent brand new lap top cost. I really need it for my son and me . Please let me know .
    Kenneth M Bolliger
    1751 E Whidbey Ave Apt B-2
    Oak Harbor, WA 98277
    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  7. Feb 2022
    -Check with Internet Essentials to see if you qualify
    -If you have Internet Essentails call 888-234-4272 or go to to get a ‘Low Cost’ Laptop [$149 now] or Computer
    -Non-Profits also Qualify.
    -Need Computer classes, check with your local library or type in “how to use ‘name of program’ and directions will be available in the list of sites, HINT, skip the Ads and scroll down to those sites listed under Web results.
    -Other Non-Profits in your area may help with cheap laptops or computers

  8. I’ll looking to get a free laptop My daughter goes to Detroit public schools in 9th grade been in need of laptop to do homework grades been low due to I’m not able to afford one I’m receiving assistance

  9. I get disability and need a laptop and I get Xfinity Comcast internet and I’m receiving the ACP program benefits on my WiFi. Is Dell still giving away free laptops and if so how do I apply for one?

  10. I get disability and need a laptop and I also get Xfinity Comcast internet and I’m receiving the ACP program benefits on my WiFi. Is Dell still giving away free laptops and if so how do I apply for one?

  11. Signed up for internet essentials thru Comcast 4 months ago and haven’t received my laptop. Senior and disabled need one very much Tk u called several times Dana murphy 8324945795 or 3462408483

  12. First off the author wrote this in 2019 and he never updated it to reflect today’s situation. You can go to Comcast Internet Essentials and see if you qualify for the $9.95/month internet service.

    Then, they used to offer a choice between a desktop or a laptop but no longer. Now you can choose between a 11.6″ Chromebook or a 11.6″ Dell laptop. Both have terrible specs but if all you are doing is E-mail, creating/editing documents, watching a movie, browsing, then you will be fine. Just don’t expect to game, create/edit video and so on.

    I wish I had known how much they were changing the computer equipment, because I would have bought one before these last changes. The one good point here, is that the old equipment was refurbished and the 2 models they offer now are new. But these are tiny screens and you cannot upgrade anything in them.

    You’d be better off to take that $149 and save a little money any chance you get to buy a regular 15″ or 17.3″ laptop or a desktop that works with Windows OS and has more capabilities.

    Just my 2-cents worth.

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