WOW!Regional cable operator WOW! has introduced Home Phone and Home Phone Plus, a residential phone service that costs $9.99 per month in conjunction with any WOW! Internet or television services. Who says home phone service is dead?

The press release points out that an increasing number of people are relying exclusively on mobile phones. But for customers who still want home phone service at reasonable cost, WOW! will now point them to these new options. The press release provides no details on the differences between Home Phone and Home Phone Plus, but one would assume Home Phone Plus offers unlimited long distance, since the Home Phone product only offers 100 minutes of long distance in the U.S. and Canada. Pricing was not revealed for Home Phone Plus.

“The $9.99 price point is a great value for anyone, but particularly people who work from home, young families with children and older customers who value the security and convenience of having a landline in addition to their mobile phones,” said Nancy McGee, chief marketing and sales officer at WOW! in a press release. “WOW! is going the extra mile to ensure customers are getting the best value for their dollar by bringing more features, at a lower price than traditional landline offers.”

Features of Home Phone and Home Phone Plus include:

  • 100 minutes of US and/or Canada long distance with the option for unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited local calls
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID and Call Waiting
  • Optional robocall blocking (not currently available in Auburn, Dothan and Montgomery)
  • Choice of listed or unlisted phone number
  • Choice of published or unpublished phone number
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Location sharing to 911 operators for emergencies

Home Phone and Home Phone Plus now are available throughout WOW!’s service area with the exception of Anne Arundel, MD and Newnan, GA.

So far this year WOW! has focused on increasing its network speed. In January, it said that it would bring gigabit services via deep fiber infrastructure to seven markets, including Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Columbus, OH. The provider said it expanded gigabit service to 95% of its customers and network footprint in March. Finally, in late August, the company said that it had been chosen as provider for Town Madison, AL.

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4 thoughts on “WOW! Intros $9.99 Landline Phone Service

  1. This is great, but… does WOW also REQUIRE you to LEASE THEIR MODEM in order to use this service? As a former WOW customer, that liked them very well otherwise, that was a sticking point for me not getting their phone service. The competitor we have, whom I don't like as well as WOW, includes their modem for no charge when you pay for phone service. Curious if WOW has updated this deal-breaking requirement?

  2. It still doesn't beat Spectrum's home phone. For $19.99 you get unlimited calling to 120 countries, free voice mail and other features with no modem lease fee and that is combined as well with HSD or TV.

  3. Is wow Internet and landline phone service available in Radnor Ohio. Radnor is approximately 6 miles north of Delaware Ohio thank you

  4. we do pay but we need your phone number to speak to someont there about our problem with our wow computer

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