WOW!One gigabit per second service continues to be a prime battleground for a growing list of providers. The latest to expand its offering is WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone, which today announced the availability of WOW! gigabit service, dubbed WOW! 1 Gig, to more than 95 percent of the company’s customers and network footprint.

The company earlier introduced the service to nine markets, including: Cleveland, Ohio; Charleston, South Carolina and Pinellas, Florida. Today, WOW! said it had completed its rollout of 1 Gig services to the entirety of Columbus, Georgia, and large portions of Huntsville and Montgomery, Ala., finalizing the proposed roll out.

When paired with the appropriate equipment and 1 Gig-compatible devices, a 1 Gig Internet connection can enable users to download a full-length HD movie in 36 seconds, or 25 songs in one second.

WOW! Gigabit
“Almost every household and business is connecting more devices and using more data today than they did even one year ago,” said Teresa Elder, WOW! CEO, in a prepared statement. “As Internet-connected devices and appliances continue to proliferate, our 1 Gig Internet service allows customers to browse, stream, game, and conduct business at the fastest speeds available.”

Upgrading to WOW! 1 Gig for existing WOW! customers requires only a new modem. WOW! prices gigabit service at $79.99/month with a two-year contract.

WOW! late last year announced plans to upgrade 95% of its network to gigabit by early this year.

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