Verizon was the big winner in RootMetrics’ national mobile performance testing for the second half of 2018. The carrier finished with a score of 94.4. AT&T was second at 92.6. T-Mobile and Sprint were third and fourth at 86.9 and 85.7, respectively.

RootMetrics RootScore Awards are based on a tremendous amount of data. The most recently released included 3,893,414 tests performed, 7,922 indoor locations tested and more than 4,000 places visited. Testing was conducted in 125 metro areas.

Each carrier had some positives results:

  • Verizon won the United States RootScore Awards outright in network reliability, network speed, data performance, and call performance. And for the second straight test period, it shared top spot with AT&T in the text category.
  • AT&T had what RootMetrics called “a strong, balanced performance that was generally a step above those of both Sprint and T-Mobile.” Its rankings were the same as from the first half of 2018. It finished second in five categories, along with its tie with Verizon in the text category.
  • Sprint dropped a rank in the network reliability category, moving from third during the first half of last year to fourth. The carrier’s performance in every other category remained the same. It finished with a score of 85.7.
  • T-Mobile moved up a spot in the network reliability category to third, while its rankings in network speed, data performance, call performance and text performance remained the same. Its overall score was 86.9.

These results continue a trend. In July RootMetrics released results showing that Verizon had led its comparative study for the 10th consecutive time. In July, the carrier led in five of the six categories, with a tie with AT&T in text performance – the same as the most recent results.

Image courtesy of flickr user Jim Makos.

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