Verizon announced today that they now have over 1 million customers, which by our estimation, puts them among the by subscriber count. In fact they hold the tenth spot, behind . Depending on your perspective, Verizon might even be in the ninth spot, since Insight sold much of its cable assets to Comcast last year, and could be counted as a part of Comcast. It’s a significant milestone for a telecom company, although not as significant as in the U.S. The Verizon news came from their 2007 4th quarter earnings report, where it cited adding 226K FiOS TV customers. If you count Verizon’s DBS customers (as a result of their DirecTV partnership), they have over 1.8 million video subscribers. Verizon also reports pentration rates for FiOS TV and FiOS Internet in markets where it is available of 16% and 20.6% respectively.

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One thought on “Verizon Now a Top Ten Cable TV Company

  1. Its funny how we try to make distinctions between cable and telco. Verizon uses virtually the same technology as a cable company – why do we even make a distinction? I think we’re past the time of cable versus telco. Its now about who provides the best value, regardless of how they get classified by analysts/press.

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