verizon fiosVerizon is prepping for Fios 4K UHD video delivery, through a UHD trial with satellite transport firm SES. The trial will help Verizon eventually offer the next generation of HD programming to Fios TV customers throughout the U.S., according to a press release announcing the trial.

The trial involves Verizon receiving and testing pre-packaged Ultra HD content from SES. UHD from SES is delivered over dedicated satellite bandwidth, a process that SES claims offers better performance in comparison with current Internet delivered 4K content options. SES currently provides nine channels of Ultra HD, which is the most 4K programming available, according to the company.

“Leading television services providers, such as Verizon, are evaluating our platform as a way to integrate scalable and dedicated satellite bandwidth into their Ultra HD launch plans,” explained Steve Corda, Vice President of Business Development for SES in North America in the press release. “With more than 4.5 million video subscribers, Verizon Fios represents an exciting addition to our overall effort aimed at making Ultra HD more affordable and faster to market for TV services providers across the region.”

Verizon is well suited for 4K UHD, thanks to its all-fiber Fios network, which should provide adequate bandwidth for delivering bandwidth hungry 4K video. There have been previously announced SES 4K UHD trials with other U.S. video providers, including several tier 2 and 3 operators.

“Verizon’s network is uniquely positioned to bring its customers the most innovative content solutions, including 4K/UHD.” said Erin McPherson, VP of Programming & Content Strategy for Verizon. “We look forward to driving the technology and delivering premier video experiences through our collaboration with SES.”

Verizon Fios TV competitor DIRECTV is also well positioned, through their satellite delivered service. DIRECTV has already started delivering limited 4K feeds, including some NBA and MLB games. Access to 4K content requires both a 4K capable TV and set-top-box.

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