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Businesses of all types and sizes are embracing the customer experience, commonly referred to as CX. It is gaining traction in the broadband industry, as service providers look to build long term value with customers and meet increasing competitive challenges.

A successful CX program can turn traditional customers into raving fans, with significant implications for the bottom line. But implementing a CX program requires careful planning and dedicated execution.

One of the first processes in this journey is defining and mapping a visual customer journey for your company. This journey maps out all of the important touch points that prospects and customers have with you from the moment they find your company, all the way through their entire lifecycle with you. This mapping process reveals the moments that matter and the feelings your experience engenders.

There are distinct points along this journey, and they can be defined in multiple ways. Here are some common key customer journey points to consider for any mapping exercise:

  • Awareness – the point at which a prospect becomes aware of your company and brand
  • Evaluation – the process by which prospects evaluate your company, brand, and products
  • Acquisition – converting a prospect into a customer
  • Onboarding – the process by which you bring on new customers
  • Delivery – the processes by which you deliver your products and services
  • Retention – the relationship that keeps customers over the long term
  • Loyalty – how you build on your customer relationships and keep them as loyal fans

A documented mapping process is fundamental to a successful CX program. It’s critical that all departments in a company participate and speak into the mapping process. Typically, companies will create a CX team, with representatives from all departments.

A successful customer journey map will give you necessary and deep insight into how your prospects and customers actually engage your company and do business with you. It can be very revealing and can shatter long held views of how you interact with customers.

A successful customer journey mapping exercise will create a common understanding across your organization of how customers engage your company and will identify your strengths and weaknesses as well.

The most successful companies in the world have refined their customer interaction to be as frictionless as possible.  It is imperative that broadband service providers create and execute a friction-free customer journey to remain relevant with technology savvy customers who require ease of interaction.

At CDG, we build our platforms with the customer experience in mind. Our goal is to help our customers deliver the best CX possible in an efficient, and where possible, automated manner. We welcome the opportunity to help you define and deliver the best CX possible.

This series features insight into important broadband industry issues from industry leaders.

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