badcellserviceNearly 50 percent of mobile subscribers aren’t happy with the level of customer service their carriers provide, according to a new study conducted by research firm MobileSquared for Astellia, a provider of software for mobile network operators. According to survey results, “48.5 percent of people surveyed have had a less-than-satisfactory engagement with their mobile operator,” Astellia reports in a press release.

Moreover, 65 percent of mobile subscribers expect their network-related problems to be solved within one hour. Just 28 percent of survey participants are prepared to wait up to 24 hours for such problems to be resolved.

The research results contrast sharply with responses from wireless network operators, Astellia notes, “the majority of whom believe their customers will wait up to 1 day for network problems to be resolved, and a further 26 percent expecting their customers will wait up to 3 days.”

Yet, these wireless network service providers admit that over half of network-related calls aren’t resolved on the first try “and require an additional call-back.”

Mobile Customer Dissatisfaction
Furthermore, 43 percent of wireless carrier survey respondents believe that improving first-call resolution (FCR) of subscriber problems will result in improved customer experience. “Unfortunately for them more than one-third of mobile customers state that their MNO did not have access to the relevant information when dealing with their network-related problem during the call, such as customer usage, location details, network data, and quality of experience,” Astellia points out.

“Half of MNOs themselves also believe that their contact centers do not have the prerequisite tools to deal with customer problems.”

Additionally, Astellia found that only 27 percent of mobile users can be considered as “promoters” for their MNO. Thirty percent can be considered “passive” promoters and 43 percent “detractors,” according to Astellia’s Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

“Amazingly, not one MNO respondent believed their customers would rate their satisfaction as a Promoter,” Astellia says. In addition, 36 percent of MNOs therefore cite improved NPS as a clear ambition; increasing the percentage of ‘Promoters’ and migrating ‘Detractors’ into ‘Passives’ with a long term aim of becoming ‘Promoters.’ To achieve this requires increased FCR, which can only be achieved if the contact center has a real-time holistic view of every mobile user.”

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