“The new mantra” at Metaswitch Networks is “global and mobile.” The most important new nuance might be the word “Internet.” In fact, the three words “global, mobile, Internet” are clues to future direction. Metaswitch talks about “transitions,” and this transition will probably take some time.
If you ask company executives, they always will say they are being very careful not to take the existing base of customers for granted. But the shift to global markets, mobility and Internet-based apps is a huge leap, and would be for any company whose history is protocols and switching software and hardware.
But it is leap all survivors, not to mention leaders, will have to make. It has been a trusim in the communications business that technology suppliers follow their customers, as you would expect. It’s hard to make money unless one sells what the customer wants to buy.
So if “mobile,” “smart phones” and “Internet-based” services become important to buyers, suppliers will have to learn to supply those needs. Some might say the shfit from fixed to mobile is one of those types of adjustments, as is the shift to “applications” that run independently from the medium.
If you assume communications companies are shfiting, you can be assured that service provider suppliers are shifting as well. Sometimes the shifts are subtle at first. The changes won’t remain subtle forever, you can probably bet on that.
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