Frontier customer satisfactionFrontier has some disgruntled DSL users, and they’re turning to Facebook to show their displeasure. Their wrath is focused on poor DSL service from Frontier, and they’ve published Fix Frontier DSL Now on Facebook. As of the writing of this post, the Fix Frontier DSL website had 103 likers.

The Stop the Cap website outlines the movement by frustrated DSL customers, pointing out that many of them are located in West Virginia, where Frontier has acknowledged some problems with DSL. “Customers are especially peeved in areas where they are sold “up to 12Mbps” service, but cannot break 1Mbps during peak usage times …,” reports Stop the Cap.

These ‘Broadband Activists’ have focused on two main culprits for the poor DSL service – technical line faults and oversold broadband in a given market.

Frontier certainly isn’t the first (nor the last) to face this type of customer action. Most large service providers have multiple social media sites and blogs featuring disgruntled customers. Just ask Comcast. Their Comcast Sucks Facebook page has 7,500+ likers. To be fair and put it in perspective, the official Comcast Xfinity Facebook page has 1.3 million+ likers. The official Frontier Facebook page has 1,500+ likers.

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