Cable MSOs addressed their plans at the Cable-Tec Expo 2007, saying caution was a common approach. Multichannel News reports that executives from , and all say they are taking their time with Pivot roll outs. All of the MSOs report ‘several thousand’ Pivot wireless subs in their limited market launches. They all shared similar challenges of integrating Pivot wireless customer support functions into their cable CRM functions. Advance/Newhouse has yet to deploy, but says it plans to soon. Smaller cable MSO’s, including , expressed interest in joining the Pivot wireless joint venture, which is partnered with .

You don’t have to look far to see evidence of this cautious approach. Cursory glances at all the MSO website homepages, reveals no reference to wireless service. You have to go to specific geographic targeted sites to find anything about wireless. Contrast that with and , who not only make wireless very prevalent on their homepage, but also make video a strong focus. Without question, wireless will be a determining factor among potential quad play bundle subscribers. Cable MSOs appear to be executing well on the triple play, but it remains to be seen if they will be able to translate that success to the potentially lucrative quad play. Telecom providers have a lead in wireless, but can they leverage it to take the quad play lead? Interesting debate, with huge implications for both telecom and cable.

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One thought on “Cable MSOs Approaching Wireless Service Cautiously

  1. You might be missing the point. The reason they are moving slowly is so when they are ready to roll it out, it will be done right. Cable companies have gotten smart. They don’t want to get burned with wireless. They know they have to get it right.

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