BroadbandVisionOne of the more interesting examples of a Gigabit service launch is C Spire. Historically a regional wireless company in the Southeast U.S., C Spire recently began an ambitious ‘Silicon South’ Gigabit services launch in the state of Mississippi. Jared Baumann, manager of consumer fiber market development and deployment for C Spire recently participated on a Gigabit services panel at BroadbandVision, sharing some important Gigabit lessons learned for C Spire.

“Some of the people who get most excited are some of our doctors, some of our lawyers, some of the people who like to work from home, but have struggled to maybe work from home,” says Baumann in the below on-site interview. “For example, I had a great conversation with a radiologist the other day, a couple a days a week he likes to work from home, doesn’t need to be in the hospital, doesn’t need to be in the office, but he was having to go in because he couldn’t download the real large files…well now he can go and hit them and they’re there almost instantly.”

Baumann says people in C Spire communities now have faster Internet at home than in their office, where historically, it’s been the reverse. He shares more details regarding C Spire Gigabit efforts in the below interview.

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