AT&TAT&T Business Wi-Fi will be available in 60 more countries – with more to come – the company announced today.

AT&T Business Wi-Fi separates office and guest Wi-Fi services. It simplifies network management and offers an online portal designed to help businesses interact with customers, the company said.

Good Wi-Fi connectivity has become table stakes in some retail  and other small business environments. That’s a good thing for AT&T – which launched its small business Wi-Fi service in the spring of 2015 – and for other carriers.

“Wi-Fi isn’t an option for businesses anymore – it’s a necessity,” AT&T Business Chief Product Officer Roman Pacewicz said in a press release. “As a key part of any integrated solution, Wi-Fi can be the biggest driver in businesses creating new ways to operate and engage with their customers.”

AT&T cited one of its new business Wi-Fi customers, K1 Speed as an example of the opportunity. K1 Speed operates go-kart tracks and recently enlisted AT&T for Wi-Fi service at their tracks.

“AT&T’s Business Wi-Fi lets us combine the energy of go-kart racing with the technology that our visitors expect in their everyday life,” K1 Speed Marketing Director Susan Danglard said in the press release. “We use it to keep our races running smoothly, bring best-in-class experiences to our guests, and make it easy for them to share their experiences with their friends and family.”

Business Wi-Fi is a key component of a competitive business offering, and one that carriers aim to differentiate with. Cable companies see business Wi-Fi as a way to win business from traditional telcos like AT&T.  Last November, for instance, Taco Bell selected Comcast Business Enterprise Solutions to provide guest Wi-Fi and other managed services to more than 6,200 Taco Bell company and franchise locations across the country.

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