WindstreamSeizing on business customers increasing reliance on the cloud and the critical applications resident there, Windstream is bringing a new business continuity solution to the market, Windstream Diverse Connect.

According to the company, Windstream Diverse Connect guarantees end-to-end connectivity and ensures performance of “mission-critical” business functions for enterprise-scale businesses reliant on the cloud even when serious network issues arise. So called “five nines” (99.999%) network up-time includes last-mile service delivery from Windstream’s provider service point to a business’s internal network.

To ensure five-nines connectivity, Diverse Connect eliminates all single points of failure while creating a variety of access channels, Windstream said. The goal is to ensure that all cloud business applications are always running regardless of network or server disruptions.

“Midmarket companies are challenged in creating true access diversity … [with] sixty-five percent of midmarket companies … challenged by the reliability and resiliency of their links,” Forrester Research highlighted in a Jan. 2017 market research report. “This research from Forrester Research proves there is a need for a solution like Windstream’s Diverse Connect for enterprises of all sizes,” commented Windstream EVP and chief marketing officer Joseph Harding in a press release.

“By providing this high-availability, managed access solution, we will capture a unique position in the marketplace by delivering easy-to-order, easy-to-deploy, SLA-backed diversity that provides peace of mind to mid-market IT decision makers and ensures the most reliable connectivity to key customer locations.”

Windstream Diverse Connect
Notably, Diverse Connect consolidates multiple vendor relationships by handing all associated responsibility to Windstream.

Available throughout Windstream’s nationwide service area, Diverse Connect is being offered as part of Windstream’s broader enterprise business solutions portfolio, which also includes voice, data, Unified Communications and security offerings. Customers are given options to build out and customize their solution set to meet their specific needs while maintaining network redundancy at all times, according to Windstream.

Windstream highlights Diverse Connect’s key features and functionality as follows:

  • High Uptime: A customer’s employees can stay connected and in touch with the site, and therefore working, in the event of a network issue, mitigating potential loss of business or revenue due to outage and ensuring continuous employee productivity.
  • Diversity: It enables an additional level of resiliency that goes beyond redundancy. By using multiple, differing backup paths with no shared points of failure, Diverse Connect keeps critical endpoints protected, increasing network resiliency even during catastrophic network events.
  • Business Continuity: All the services a customer purchases from Windstream stay up and running even if there’s a fiber cut or other last-mile access impairment, providing customers with no disruption in their day-to-day business operations.
  • Service Guarantee: Guaranteed uptime with five-nine’s end-to-end service level agreement with a promise to credit customers for time lost if annual downtime exceeds five minutes per year.

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