announced the launch of America’s Choice® 65 Plus calling plans and the Coupe handset, both aimed squarely at the senior citizen demographic. The new calling plans focus on voice minutes and do not emphasize data centric applications. The new Coupe handset offers ease of use features like color coded buttons, and one touch 911/emergency number calling. Other features include a tip calculator, alarm clock, and calendar.

While most of the buzz surrounding wireless these days focuses on data centric applications and smartphones (as it should because of wireless data’s positive impact on ), we often forget that the senior citizen demographic will become more and more important as the baby boomer generation begins to retire. Expect to see more telecom products targeting this huge U.S. demographic. Senior citizens enjoy wireless just as much as anyone else, but are often frustrated by or see no need for data driven applications. Service providers that are able to effectively segment their product suite to meet the needs of senior citizens, while still embracing and leveraging innovation, may realize a significant competitive advantage.

Read the Verizon Wireless press releases on the new and calling plans.

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2 thoughts on “Verizon Wireless Targets Senior Citizens with Plans, Handset

  1. While most of this story is true, we find that seniors in our market are willing to try new technology. I think they get under estimated sometimes.

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