Verizon’s global wholesale VoIP minutes-of-use shot up more than 200% year-to-year in 2009, continuing an upward trend that has been ongoing since the carrier introduced a wholesale VoIP portfolio ten years ago, Verizon announced yesterday. Though no absolute numbers for minutes-of-use were provided, Verizon has some 700 wholesale VoIP customers, according to the news release.

Improved call quality and overall VoIP systems performance, along with the introduction of applications such as high velocity, short duration calling systems in use at call centers and mass notification systems, are leading to wider acceptance, according to the company. Earlier this year, Verizon added IP capabilities to its Advanced Toll Free Service and enhanced security options with the introduction of an IP Security Tunnel.

Verizon’s planning to introduce new enhancements this year, including Caller-Provided Caller Line Identity–which allows one main phone number to be shown as the caller ID even when the call originates from an extension, branch office or home-based agent–and enhanced integration with customer e-commerce and Web services. Wholesale customers outside the U.S. should have the ability to cut costs and reduce their environmental impact by being able to electronically access their call detail records and directly downloading their monthly invoices as opposed to receiving paper invoices in the mail.

The carrier is also working with industry associations such as the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions and the International Interconnection Forum to develop industry-wide specifications and standards related to VoIP engineering, interconnection methods, technical and test parameters required to ensure interoperability for voice services.

“Verizon’s work with standards bodies is important behind-the-scenes work,” commented Mike Millegan, the Verizon unit’s president. “Without standards agreement, acceptance of new technologies and features is slowed, interoperability is limited and stakeholders suffer.”

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