[img_assist|nid=36|title=Verizon One|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=191|height=152]Verizon has partnered with Open Peak to develop the Verizon One Desktop Command Center, an all-in-one voice, video and data center for the home. The feature list is impressive, including dual mode VoIP/PSTN handsets (up to five), Wi-Fi connectivity, streaming audio and video, and a 7” color touchscreen. Verizon One will be marketed to Verizon FiOS customers as a desktop home command center. Open Peak says it will start shipping in Spring 2007.

Verizon is positioning this as a premium service available to its FiOS customers, and obviously not available through competing cable service. Or as they like to say – take that Cablevision! Time will tell whether subscribers see any value with it.

Read more at the Open Peak website

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