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New York – November 17, 202 – 5G FOMO bringing you down? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Introducing Verizon Test Drive, a new early access program that makes it simple for you to try out the full power of Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband for free, using your existing phone’s eSIM. Now, there’s no excuse for not being on America’s Most Reliable 5G Network.

Don’t wait — signing up is simple and free

If you’re not already on the network America relies on, visit our Verizon Test Drive FAQ page and scan the QR code with your mobile phone to download the My Verizon app, which unlocks the free experience. Once installed, just follow a few easy steps to sign up for the program and activate an unlocked, eSIM-capable smartphone.

“There is no better time to switch to Verizon than right now and we are confident that once you take a test drive, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for one of the discount carriers,” said Chris Emmons, vice president of devices and accessories at Verizon. “So confident, in fact, that we’ve created Verizon Test Drive, a simple, seamless way for new customers to try out our network and services on an unlocked eSIM smartphone, for free, over a 30-day trial period without any contractual obligations.”

Here’s what you get with Verizon Test Drive:

  • No disruptions to your existing service
  • Up to 30 days on Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband (on compatible phones), 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE, on us
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Up to 100 GB of 4G/5G data with Verizon’s premium network experience
  • 480p streaming on 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide; 4K streaming on 5G Ultra Wideband
  • No commitment or credit check
  • Access to wireless service you’ll never want to leave

Verizon Test Drive is the easiest way to check out the best network performance with unlimited premium data and Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband — our fastest 5G network experience with unlimited high-speed data. Check out our 5G coverage map to learn more about 5G coverage in your area.

Check your device — some carriers make it hard to try other networks for fear you’ll never come back.

The phone you are test driving on must be carrier unlocked. Unlike Verizon, other carriers don’t make this process easy. If you are a T-Mobile customer, you must pay off all your outstanding device payments, and they may request proof of purchase or additional information to unlock it. For AT&T, you need to call customer support and ask them to liberate your phone. Verizon Test Drive will check your phone and let you know if it is unlocked.

It’s the perfect time to switch to Verizon — with content, accessory and device perks you just can’t miss out on

At any time during your 30-day test, you can easily transfer your existing number to Verizon and pick from one of our awesome 5G Unlimited plans to make the switch official. Regardless of whether you switch to Welcome Unlimited to test the waters, jump into one of our stellar Mix & Match plans or go all in with our new One Unlimited for iPhone plan, Verizon has the perfect plan to meet your needs.

Looking to switch right now and want to bring your own phone? Check out our amazing offer that gets you up to $500 per line on select 5G Unlimited plans. Check out our BYOD page for more information or to switch now.

Starting at just $30 per line per month for four lines on Welcome Unlimited with Auto Pay plus taxes and fees, switching to Verizon has never been so affordable. And let’s not forget about all that value packed into select 5G Unlimited plans, including some of the most popular entertainment, like Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass and more.

It’s easier than ever to switch and get the latest and greatest smartphones and accessories to pair with your new 5G plan. In addition to getting up to $1,000 when you trade in your old phone and sign up to select 5G Unlimited plans, this holiday season, we’re offering discounts on gifts like smartwatches, tablets, earbuds and more (service plan required for smartwatches and tablets). We are giving customers a colossal total value of up to $1,249, all on us. Switch to Verizon and choose your gift for the ultimate Holiday Bundle while supplies last.

Visit the Verizon Test Drive FAQ page for more info or to sign up today.

Press Release

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