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BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – April 15, 2010 – As more companies move to embrace cloud computing, Verizon Business is enriching its on-demand, global cloud computing solution – Verizon Computing as a Service, or CaaS. The enhancements provide business customers with better control and flexibility over their computing environments.

Based on customer demand, Verizon recently added the following features to CaaS:

* Server Cloning – Provides IT administrators with the option to customize the configuration of a CaaS virtual server and then create a golden, or reference, server image. This eliminates the need to manually create the same server image multiple times and enables the rapid deployment of server clones supporting the same corporate application.

* Application and Operating System Expansion – The SUSE Linux operating system is now supported on the Verizon CaaS platform as a standard service offering. Linux software is used with commonly deployed enterprise resource planning packages. In addition, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 has been added as a “click-to-provision” database server option.

* Expanded Networking Flexibility – Enterprises now have expanded and streamlined networking options – virtual router and shared virtual private networks, including Verizon Private IP – for connecting back-end systems to Verizon CaaS via the online portal. In addition, customers can purchase metered, burstable bandwidth up to 1Gbps to meet immediate requirements for temporary computing capacity.

In addition to adding new features, Verizon has successfully completed the first annual SAS 70 Type II examination of controls for its CaaS data centers. SAS 70, a widely recognized auditing standard performed by a third party accounting firm, is conducted in compliance with the standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for examining specific areas such as access to facilities, logical access to systems, network services, operations and environmental safeguards. This examination demonstrates that Verizon Business has controls and processes in place to manage and monitor its CaaS platform, as well as customers’ critical applications and infrastructure, helping to ease concerns customers may have about migrating to the cloud for the delivery of critical IT services.

“Verizon CaaS was widely recognized as one of the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based computing solution for enterprises when it was launched last June,” said Joseph S. Crawford, executive director – IT solutions, Verizon Business. “With the addition of new features and the completion of the SAS 70 Type II data center audit, we are continuing the investment in our flagship cloud offering as enterprise clients increasingly look to cloud computing to fundamentally change the way they consume IT resources.”

Gartner Inc., a leading industry analyst firm, “estimates the current market for cloud services is $46.4 billion. By 2013, the market will reach $150.1 billion.”¹

Press Release

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