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PRINCETON, New Jersey — Feb. 5, 2019 — RCN, an award-winning provider of high-speed internet, digital TV and phone services, has announced the availability of seven dedicated 4K channels in each of its serviceable markets, making the company the US leader in 4K channel offerings. The launch will feature a broad range of Ultra HD 4K channels from the SES 4K platform, including Insight TV, Travelxp 4K, The Country Network, NASA TV UHD, C4K360, NatureVision TV, UHD1 and special live events coverage.

“With the addition of seven new 4K channels, RCN has become the premier destination for 4K channel content. Not only will customers enjoy travel, lifestyle, music, and more, they can utilize this 4K technology on their favorite streaming services via their TiVo set-top boxes – providing a seamless user entertainment experience,” said Chris Fenger, COO of RCN. “RCN continuously offers new and innovative technologies, and with the launch of 4K dedicated channels, we’re adding this advanced viewing experience to our trusted services, including 1 Gigabit internet, whole home WiFi, the new TiVo Experience with voice remote and more.”

While most HDTVs provide picture at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4K channels allow users to view programming at four times higher resolution, with 3840 x 2160 pixels. 4K resolution is especially beneficial on televisions that measure 50-inches or more, according to TechRadar. The crystal-clear picture provided by 4K enables customers to catch every detail of their favorite sporting events, shows and movies.

The new 4K channels will be offered in conjunction with RCN’s 4K-enabled set top boxes and Advanced TiVo Experience with voice remote. To receive the new 4K channels, customers must subscribe to RCN Signature Digital TV and have a 4K TV and 4K set-top box, along with internet service. In addition to the new 4K programming, RCN customers can access the 4K content hosted by supported streaming apps, including Netflix, Hulu, HBOGO and more – all easily accessible with RCN’s set top boxes and voice remote.

To provide these new 4K channels, RCN is leveraging the content and reach of the SES Ultra HD platform, the world’s largest single source of linear 4K programming.

“SES is thrilled to play a pivotal role in RCN’s 4K services launch to customers from Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia to Boston, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania,” said Steve Corda, Vice President of Media Platforms for SES in North America. “Our SES Ultra HD platform represents the world’s largest source of 4K linear content and live events coverage, enabling RCN to offer an immersive television viewing experience like no other.

The new channels build on RCN’s existing 4K content. Through Vivicast Media, RCN customers with 4K enabled set-top-boxes have access to additional premier channels including Travelxp 4K, C4K360 and NatureVision TV.

RCN’s network delivers ultra-high-speed internet, Netflix, Hulu and HBOGO on TiVo, personalized video options and more – all accompanied by the very best customer service and the availability of internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit. RCN is a three-time winner of PCMag’s “Readers’ Choice Award for Best ISP” due to its high ratings in satisfaction, reliability and technical support. In 2018, RCN was ranked fastest ISP in the Northeast.

For more information on RCN’s new 4K channel offerings, visit or call 800-746-4726.

Press Release

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