mobile video viewingHaving increased 616 percent since 3Q 2012, mobile video views now account for 45 percent of all video views globally, Ooyala highlights in its ¨Global Video Index 3Q 2015

Year-over-year, mobile video’s share of 3Q’s total was 50 percent higher. Smartphone video views accounted for 88 percent of total mobile video views in 3Q. Tablets accounted for 12 percent, Ooyala reports.

Mobile Video Viewing Growth
Mobile video views have increased from just 6.3 percent of all views in 2012 to 45.1 percent in Q3 2015. Young adult Millennials are leading the way, turning away from viewing on traditional screens to watching content on whatever screen is most convenient. Most often, that turns out to be a smartphone screen, according to Ooyala.

All that said, ubiquity has resulted in a deceleration in mobile video viewing growth for 3Q.

At 69 percent, mobile devices dominate in terms of share of short-form video views less than 10 minutes long. Viewers still tend to watch long-form videos on larger screens, however. Connected TVs’ share of viewing time for video over 10 minutes long rose from 43 to 71 percent and nearly doubled, to 61 percent, for videos over 30 minutes long over the past nine months.

Tablets accounted for the second-largest share of overall viewing time at 35 percent. That’s down from 40 percent in 1Q. That said, at 20 percent, tablets led in terms of viewing time share for video content 10-30 minutes long, which corresponds to the length of a typical TV program episode, Ooyala notes.

Ooyala also highlights the ongoing rise in programmatic trading, which is securing its place as a norm in video advertising. Confidence in programmatic ad trading is on the rise among both buyers and sellers, according to Ooyala. The number of Deal ID transactions and impressions more than doubled on a sequential quarterly basis. Furthermore, the real-time bidding volume rose more than 200 percent.

Delving deeper into video advertising trends, tablets and smartphones accounted for 46 percent of ad impressions among publishers, broadcasters and networks combined. PCs’ 3Q share dropped to 40 percent from 54 percent in 1Q.

Among video ad publishers, tablets accounted for 32 percent of ad impressions and smartphones 24 percent. PC ad impressions among publishers fell 22 percent from 1Q’s level. In addition, among broadcasters 92 percent of ad viewing begun on tablets in 3Q was completed. That’s higher than the completion rate for smartphones, which came in at 89 percent, and PCs, at 82 percent.

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