and the announced the continuation of their , which brings games to Verizon’s broadband customers. Verizon initially offered this service during the NFL pre-season. The games are available online to customers who subscribe to both Verizon broadband service (FiOS or DSL) and Verizon TV service (FiOS or DirecTV). features include the ability to choose from multiple camera angles, chat features, a game statistics feed, and on demand video highlights. I would imagine that many users of this service will probably watch both – watch the game on TV, while simultaneously interacting with the broadband version to take advantage of the features it provides. Recent research from Nielsen Media reveals that (check out my Light Reading blog post on this issue). This service seems ideal for that scenario.

NFL Network Game Extra is a great example of a value added differentiated service. It’s exclusive to Verizon customers, creating an element of competitive advantage. One problem though. I’m a Verizon FiOS customer, with both TV and Internet service. I’m the ideal customer for this type of feature, and would value it greatly. Yet I haven’t received any communication from Verizon notifying me of it. The only reason I know about it is because of my role as an industry analyst and blogger. I called two friends who also are huge sports fans and subscribe to Verizon Internet and TV – neither knew about this service, which started today. What good is a value add service if you can’t even communicate its existence to the very customers who would probably value it the most?

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