The Attorney General of New Jersey thinks Verizon is deceiving NJ citizens with Verizon FiOS ads, citing over 270 complaints. “FiOS is touted for its clearer picture but Verizon obscured the truth from potential customers in its advertising and sales pitches,” Attorney General Anne Migram is quoted as saying in a . The state is suing Verizon over the issue. The lawsuit states price inconsistencies between quoted pricing in advertising and actual billing. If true, it wouldn’t be surprising. Verizon has had notorious problems with FiOS billing. Although it has less to do with deceiving people and more to do with an arcane, overly complex billing system that’s bound to get it wrong for far too many customers. Verizon also had some much publicized problems with a past free HDTV give away promotion. Verizon says the current lawsuit issues are old news and the problems have been resolved. Well, except maybe for 270 folks in New Jersey.

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One thought on “New Jersey: Verizon FiOS Ads Are BS

  1. Having a $99.99 bundle package,I alawys tell verizon that this bill is higher than my P.S.E&G for heat and hot water and air conditioning,on average.

    I see the bill and see how it is itemised,and it winds up being$160.00 a month.I would have no problem paying this bill,if I got what “I” want.

    But I find myself watching endless commercials,and getting channels that I dson’t want.

    I think that this is the only company in the world that can charge you for something that you don’t want and get awawy with it.We can thank our elected representatives for this situation.

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