network securityConsumer demand for network storage will fuel the market for consumer and SMB network attached storage (NAS) to grow at an 11% CAGR from 2016 to 2020, according to a network attached storage forecast from Technavio ICT.

In addition to growing demand for personal data back-up storage, growing use of networked video surveillance services is driving consumer and SMB NAS market expansion, Technavio ICT highlights in a press release about the network attached storage forecast. Other drivers will include ongoing increases in the number of connected home devices and growing demand for reliable, secure data storage solutions.

Connected 24x7x365 video camera surveillance feeds require a lot of storage and processing, more than on-site home and SMB servers can provide, Technavio ICT analysts note. That’s going to make the use of NAS devices a requirement.

Network Attached Storage Forecast
More broadly, people’s personal data storage needs are increasing at a rapid pace, to a point where using external disc drives is proving cumbersome and insufficient.

“NAS devices offer several features and benefits compared to personal hard drives and are gaining popularity among users because they are a network device that can be connected to many wireless devices for data transfer,” Technavio lead analyst for data center research Rakesh Kumar Panda commented.

The ability to connect to and deliver all types of data/content across device types – personal computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. – is another advantage NAS brings, the market research provider continues. In addition, many NAS systems come with automated storage and back-up features synchronized across all of an end-user’s devices, or devices belonging to group of end-users.

Network Attached Storage Forecast

NAS also offers advantages when it comes to ease of installation and use, Technavio ICT points out. That includes being able to connect to and run on any type of operating system platform, as well as end-users’ ability to install and run the devices without the need for technical assistance.

“With the online management of the NAS network, there is a considerable reduction in network complexity. Continuous innovations by vendors in the NAS market will help individual consumers in resolving compatibility issues of the future,” Rakesh commented.

Image courtesy of flickr user Yuri Samoilov.

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